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ForeverCam GoPro Fusion case review: an external housing with replaceable lenses and a standard 1/4-20 tripod hole

ForeverCam external housing case for GoPro Fusion
ForeverCam external housing case for GoPro Fusion

One of the few issues with the otherwise excellent GoPro Fusion (reviewed here) is that it’s not rugged.  ForeverCam Fusion case is a solution for that.  It’s an aluminum external housing for the GoPro Fusion with a replaceable lens cover.

ForeverCam external housing for GoPro Fusion
ForeverCam external housing for GoPro Fusion

Here is my review, where I tested the ForeverCam case for stitching and toughness — including running over it with a minivan!

More information on the ForeverCam

ForeverCam external housing for GoPro Fusion
ForeverCam external housing for GoPro Fusion

ForeverCam is an aluminum external housing designed specifically for the Fusion.  It has several key features:
– made of aluminum to protect the Fusion in case of drops
– the aluminum housing is designed to dissipate heat and also has vents
– has replaceable lenses.  The lenses are screwed onto the case.
– has a built-in standard 1/4-20 tripod hole
– has an optional GoPro style mount.  Removing the Gopro mount reveals the tripod hole.
– aluminum lens caps, also screwed onto the case.  To use the caps, you must remove the lens covers.
– has holes to allow access to the battery or SIM card or USB port, and has holes for the Fusion’s microphones.

ForeverCam external housing for GoPro Fusion
ForeverCam external housing for GoPro Fusion

On paper, the ForeverCam housing sounds like a dream come true for many Fusion owners. There have been so many times that I wished for a standard 1/4-20 tripod hole, and as you guys know, I scratched my Fusion lens while shooting my review. This housing would solve both issues at the same time.

The issue is whether the case will cause problems for stitching either with or without the replaceable lens.   Without D-Warp, there will be a signficant blind spot (the blind spot is greater when you use the lens cover).  But if you use D-Warp, the stitching improves dramatically, albeit with a slightly compressed stitching (with a small blind spot).  Without lens covers, there may also be slight vignetting.

ForeverCam stitching
ForeverCam stitching

The more significant issue appears to be flare.   The lens covers are very susceptible to flare.  The flare can also affect stitching.

ForeverCam case flare (top) vs bare GoPro Fusion (bottom)
ForeverCam case flare (top) vs bare GoPro Fusion (bottom)

Another issue is that in my unit, the holes on top did not line up with the microphone holes, resulting in a slightly muffled sound.

I have not yet tested overheating but I will update this page after testing ForeverCam’s impact on the Fusion’s temperature.

Should you get one?  Can I see sample photos and videos?  Where to buy one?

ForeverCam results in worse stitching (with or without the lens cover) and significant flare (when the lens cover is used).  However, there are occasions when shooting with the Fusion poses a high risk of damage to the Fusion.  In those cases, I think I would rather deal with stitching and flare issues than a damaged lens.   In addition, for safer conditions, you can remove the lens cover easily.  To me, without the lens cover, it’s close enough to the bare Fusion that I’m willing to put up with it.  To help you decide, I’ve uploaded sample photos and videos here so you can decide for yourself.   If you’d like to buy the ForeverCam Fusion case, you can buy it here.  Thank you for using my affiliate links to supporting 360 Rumors at no cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews.

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  • Hi Mic i Wonder if Lens cowers made of plastic are the right way to go
    Garmin 360 VIRB has Cowers and Even they are Anti reflex treated
    the camera are not good filming in direct sunlight
    check this link
    Shot on a Short MC trip to the town Halmstad in Sweden, we have a nice summer here
    Note: the Little Planet video are interactive just play with the projections
    to see the sun flares the cowers produce
    Quistion Mic have you tried to Shoot with the Lens covers of on a Garmin 360 VIRB