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Fourth Instagram Contest for Ricoh Theta

Ricoh announced its Fourth Instagram Contest for Ricoh Theta shooters, with the theme “Happy Holidays.”

Ricoh has announced their fourth Instagram contest for the Ricoh Theta.  The theme for this contest is “Happy Holidays.”  Just post a 360 photo or video to Instagram using the Theta+ or Theta+ Video app, and you could win.

The contest submission period will be from December 1 to January 10, 2017.

1. You need to follow the official Ricoh Theta Instagram account (@theta360official).
2. Photos must be taken with the Theta (original, m15, S, or SC), and must be edited on the Theta+ or Theta+ Video app.
3. You must tag your entry with #theta360 and #theta360contest in the comment.  (You may want to use the #happyholidays tag as well, even though the rules don’t expressly require it.)

You can submit as many entries as you want.  If you’re selected as a winner, they will ask you for the original equirectangular image, and the edited cropped entry.

There will be 10 winners and 10 runner-ups.  The winners will receive “original Theta goods.”  In past contests, winners won an original Theta soft case, or a Theta strap attachment set, and runners-up received a Theta tote bag and original stickers.   Winning images will also be featured on the Ricoh SNS account and “elsewhere.”  “Pieces submitted to the Instagram contest may be publicly displayed, including on our websites and in galleries.”

The official website for the contest is here.

Previous Ricoh Theta Instagram Contests were held on September 2015, February 2016 (“Show us your #squad”), and June 2016 (“Travel Memories”).