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Free 360 video calling and other new features with affordable Qoocam Fun 360 camera

Free 360 video calling with Qoocam Fun
Free 360 video calling with Qoocam Fun

How would you like to have a 360 video call for free with your family and friends? You can with the Qoocam Fun, a 360 camera for your Android smartphone, which just got a major update that added several new features.

Qoocam Fun is an affordable and easy to use 360 camera for your smartphone (Android only for now).  Unlike most other 360 cameras that are standalone devices, the Qoocam Fun is designed to enhance your smartphone and connect to it directly.  For those who are new to 360 cameras, having a 360 camera integrated with your phone makes it easier to use.

Qoocam Fun has several features for a variety of effects that you can apply, and now Kandao has added even more new features including free 360 video calling, 4k live stream, and a no-stitching mode called Super Vlog (note: the SuperVlog mode is limited to a maximum recording time of 2 minutes).

How the free 360 video call works

The free 360 video calling does not require your family and friends to have a Qoocam Fun or even a Qoocam app.  All they need is WhatsApp or Wechat.  When you initiate a 360 video call from your Qoocam app, you’ll get a link that you can send to your family or friends.  When they click on the link, they will be able to get your call with a 360 view.  They can even change the view.  At the same time, you can see a non-360 view of them through their phone’s camera.

Here’s a video from my friend Yuqing Guo (the update discussion starts at around 4:20):

360 video calling vs live stream: what’s the difference?

If you haven’t tried 360 video calling before, you might wonder how it is different from 360 live streaming?  360 live streaming is for a single person presenting to multiple people.  360 live streaming also has more limited interactivity.   They may be able to send likes, or in some apps, they can add comments that the presenter can see.   Another issue with live streaming is significant lag of several seconds, which makes two-way communication impractical.

With 360 video calling, the call is generally only between two people.  The advantage is that you have true two-way interaction.  You can see each other and talk to each other in realtime.

Where to buy?

Qoocam Fun is available for just $169 from Amazon or direct from Kandao.  With its innovative features, ease of use, and good price / performance ratio, the Qoocam Fun is currently my top choice for an affordable 360 camera under $200.

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  • Hi, Mic…the Insta360 One R is still my main camera (and I’m thrilled that I can get Pureshot using it with Insta360 Studio 2022). But for quick and casual use, I usually have me Insta360 Air in my pocket. My question: is the Qoocam Fun better overall…would it be worth “upgrading” from my Insta360 Air?

    Duke Marsh