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Garmin Virb 360 launch: 5.7K video, stabilized 4K video, and more

Garmin has launched the Virb 360 and features stabilization, in-camera stitching, and more, exactly as I predicted!

Key features:
– 5.7K video
– 15mp photo –> new info
– waterproof to 10 meters
– 4K video with stabilization
– 4K in-camera stitching
– voice command –> new info
– 360 audio
– live streaming and video sharing
– G-Metrix overlay
– can use Bluetooth microphone as external microphone –> new info
– can record nonstop for an 1 hour –> new info
– replaceable lens

Full specifications here.  In short, the features are as I stated, including the features I predicted! 😀

Strangely, the live streaming only works on iOS products, and only at a paltry 1280 x 720, to either Facebook or YouTube.

The Price: $799.  Available for preorder here.  Here are some caveats before you preorder.  (Yes I am definitely ordering this.)

Here is the promo video:

Here are more product videos:

Here is a 360 video:

Here is the stitch line – ridiculously smooth, if you ask me, which suggests optical flow stitching.

The penguin video also has impressive stitching.  This is the nadir:

What I haven’t seen are underwater photos.  I’m curious what the stitch will look like.

Here is an in-depth review by DC Rainmaker, who has apparently had it for about a month (thank you very much to Mark Rodenburg for sharing the link):

Here is a playlist of 360 sample videos (skip the review).

I created a Facebook group for anyone interested in the Virb 360.

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