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Launch sale for Giroptic iO Pop, affordable 360 camera for Android with live streaming – specifications, features, samples

Giroptic iO Pop specifications, features, samples
Giroptic iO Pop specifications, features, samples

You can convert your smartphone into a 360 camera with Giroptic iO Pop, Giroptic’s new smartphone 360 camera for Android that is designed to be user friendly and affordable.  Don’t miss the special launch sale!

12/4 update: sample photos

Giroptic iO Pop is an entry level 360 camera designed to be affordable and user-friendly.   Here is a video showing the concept of iO Pop:


Giroptic iO Pop Specifications

LensesTwo 210-degree fisheye lenses
Field of viewFully spherical
Photo resolution3840 x 1920
Video resolution1920 x 960 @ 25fps
Live streamingYes
CompatibilityAndroid (Micro USB or USB Type C)
Dimensions41mm x 41,5mm x 42,5mm / 1,6" x 1,6" x 1,7"
Weight42 g / 1.48 oz


Giroptic iO Pop is an affordable 360 camera for Android
Giroptic iO Pop is an affordable 360 camera for Android

Giroptic iO Pop is Giroptic’s third 360 camera after the 360 Cam and the Giroptic iO.  Like the Giroptic iO, the iO Pop is a smartphone 360 camera.  By connecting to your phone, you can use the smartphone to get a live view of what you’re shooting and to control the camera intuitively with your smartphone’s touchscreen.  The iO Pop also works with your smartphone to live stream in 360, to Facebook, YouTube, or Periscope / Twitter.

Like the Giroptic iO, the iO Pop doesn’t have a memory card.  Instead, they both store photos and videos in your smartphone, making it unnecessary to download photos or videos, or to sync them with your phone.  They also both have realtime stitching for both photos and videos.  You’ll never have to wait for photos or videos to be stitched at any time.  They can both send 360 photos via messaging apps such as Facebook messenger, making it easy to share 360 photos with your family and friends, even if they don’t have the Giroptic app.  Finally, there’s a photo editing feature to save your 360 photo as a tiny planet.

There are a couple of things that distinguish the iO Pop from the Giroptic iO.   First, it does not have an internal battery and is powered by your smartphone.  This means you’ll never have to worry if it’s been charged, as long as your phone has sufficient battery.  Second, although the iO Pop has identical photo and video resolution to the Giroptic iO, it uses a different image sensor.

The iO Pop has a few other features.   One feature of the iO Pop is that it is compatible with both USB Type C and Micro USB.  Another is that it will have 360 video calling in the future (estimated January 2018).  Giroptic is working on an Android version of iO Ping, its 360 video calling app for Giroptic iO which would make iO Pop the most affordable 360 camera for 360 video calls.  Lastly, it can upload 360 photos to Street View, through a special agreement between Giroptic and Google.

Sample 360 photos

Here are a couple of sample 360 photos from iO Pop (note that you can switch to tiny planet or rabbit hole view):

Compared to other entry-level 360 cameras, these photos have much better detail, color, tonality.  I will post hand-on impressions, user sample photos and videos, and comparisons with other entry-level 360 cameras.   If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. Meanwhile, there’s a special launch sale for Giroptic iO Pop.  Regularly $149, you can get it for $99, only for a limited time.

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