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Google Jump service shuts down on June 28

Yi Halo 8K 3D 360 rig (c) 360Rumors.com
Yi Halo 8K 3D 360 rig (c) 360Rumors.com

Google announced that they are shutting down the Google Jump service on June 28, 2019.

Google Jump is Google’s platform for professional 8K 3D 360 cameras with cloud-based stitching. Google Jump cameras include the $15,000 GoPro Odyssey and the $17,000 Yi Halo.   By stitching the videos in the cloud, Google aimed to simplify content creation.

But yesterday, Google sent an email to Jump Creators that it would be shutting down the service because there are fewer users and there are more practical alternatives such as VR180.

The last day to upload a video for stitching will be June 26, and the last day to download is on June 27.  On June 28, Google begins purging the data.  If you have a Google Jump camera, it should still be possible to stitch videos using third party software (Mistika perhaps).

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