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GoPro Fusion 4K 360 video sample: Golden State Warriors’ Victory Parade

GoPro Fusion sample: Golden State Warriors
GoPro Fusion sample: Golden State Warriors

Here is a sample 4K 360 video from the GoPro Fusion, capturing the Golden State Warriors’ victory parade.

GoPro Fusion 360 camera
GoPro Fusion 360 camera

GoPro Fusion is GoPro’s highly anticipated 5.2K 360 camera. GoPro cameras are often used for 360 camera rigs because of their high image quality, and the Fusion is the first all-in-one 360 camera from GoPro. It features a high 5.2K resolution and early samples by GoPro had incredibly smooth stitching.

The pilot program for the Fusion began in July when they selected a few partners, one of which was the Golden State Warriors, who had just won the 2017 NBA Championship.

Here is a 360 video from the Golden State Warriors, shot on the GoPro Fusion:

What do you think of the sample? Thank you very much to vlogger BasicBill and to Svend Even Hærra for bringing this video to my attention!

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    • Hi Bill. I’m still on the road so I can’t inspect the video at full resolution yet, but Svend Even Haerra also noted the very smooth stitching. I’m curious to see what it’s like!

      • Fusion, Yi 360, Theta 4K (maybe the Orbit360) are on my short list for purchase. I returned the Gear 360 2017 after overheating issues. Content to wait now for a while to see how these contenders turn out.

    • I recommend downloading the video with something like 4K downloader than playing it in equirectangular format in a normal video player. Stitch lines are easier to spot when you can see everything at once.

    • Oh, they are all over there. Pretty good overall, but they are clearly there. Start at the bottom of the image and they become easier to find and follow

  • Its funny how many companies only post 360 at 1400px. I would have thought go pro would have used their own kolor software for publishing.

    The stitching and leveling/gyro looks excellent and sharp. Could it be stitched with avp rather than in camera?

    Worth waiting for. Any idea on price

  • Only stitch lines I spot are blur abberations. Most noticeable was during the confetti drop. Overall very impressive.

  • It appears to jumpy stitching issues similar to the 2017 samsung, especially at the nadir. If GoPro doesn’t fix this before release, I don’t think I can justify buying it.

  • This one of the first 360 videos I’ve seen where they use a 360 cam in a nice way – close to the action – innovative angles – good editing. The GoPro Fusion’s footage looks great, but that moving whiggeling stitchlines don’t look good…
    I was thinking…The stitchlines in 360 cams are often more or less “vertical”…wonder if this kind of optical flow stitching would have looked better if the stitchlines was a bit more triangel-shaped i.e. wider at the bottom (where all the closeup objects are) and more narrow at the top (where more distant objects are) because then it should not have to fight as hard to stitch close and distant objects at the same time…? Well…who knows…