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GoPro Fusion will include GoPro VR Plugins for Premiere and After Effects


GoPro Fusion will include GoPro VR Plugins for free
GoPro Fusion will include GoPro VR Plugins for free

The juiciest software feature for GoPro Fusion — Overcapture — won’t be available until “early 2018” but in the meantime, GoPro Fusion users will be able to download VR plugins that used to be available only for users of Kolor Autopano Video stitching software.  Check out the video preview.

GoPro and Kolor have several plugins for 360 video editing for Premiere and After Effects.  In the past, these plugins have been available only to users of Autopano Video (EUR 599).  Now, GoPro Fusion users will have access to the plugins as well.   The plugins include:

– Horizon: straighten the horizon, correcting for pitch, roll, and yaw.
– Layers: allows you to place objects such as text, photos, or videos in the video and move them along the Z-axis, “closer” or “farther” from the camera. If there are multiple objects, one of them can be made to appear to move in between the others.
– Reframe: frame a 360 video as a cropped non-360 video. Although Insta360 Studio and other software can do this as well, Premiere is not limited to 4K resolution.

Here is a video demonstrating these plugins:

The plugins will be available for both for Mac and PC.

Thank you to Al Caudullo for sharing this!

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