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GoPro FX Reframe plugin tutorial for Premiere: sophisticated reframing controls (updated Nov. 4, 2019)

GoPro FX Reframe tutorial
GoPro FX Reframe tutorial

GoPro has a new plugin to convert 360 video into reframed non-360 video on Adobe Premiere and After Effects.  It’s called GoPro FX Reframe, and supersedes the ubiquitous but limited GoPro VR Reframe.  FX Reframe has many powerful features not available in VR Reframe such as:

– change the aspect ratio and resolution of the reframed video
– change the projection (e.g. from fisheye to rectilinear)
– reorient the source video before keyframing it
– picture in picture effect (similar to Rylo FrontBack or Insta360 MultiView)
– and many more.

Here is a tutorial by Abe Kislevitz (added Nov. 4, 2019):

Here’s a tutorial by CreatorUp!

GoPro FX Reframe is available for free for Windows and Mac. You may encounter an error when you apply the GoPro FX Reframe effect (AEVideoFilter:11), which is likely caused by an incompatibility with the Insta360 plugin, which is stored in the directory C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore. Removing the Insta360Importer.prm plugin will let you use the FX Reframe plugin but you will not be able to import insv and insp files into Premiere. My suggestion is that when you need the FX Reframe effect, change the extension of the Insta360 plugin to .txt or something harmless to ‘deactivate’ it (do this before running Premiere). When you don’t need FX Reframe, change the Insta360Importer extension back to PRM.