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GoPro Hero 10 leaked – rumored specs, features, price, availability

GoPro Hero 10 graphic by WinFuture
GoPro Hero 10 graphic by WinFuture

The widely anticipated GoPro Hero 10 Black was supposedly leaked by  Here are the specs and features.

GoPro has been releasing a new action cam around the same time every year (September to October), so it’s no surprise that there would be a Hero10.  The question is what features and specs would it have.

Features and specifications

WinFuture, a tech news site showed convincing graphics of the Hero 10 and posted what they said were the leaked specs and features, which are primarily an improvement in frame rates compared to the Hero 9, thanks to a faster GP2 processor:

  • 5.3k video at 60fps (vs 30fps for Hero9)
  • 4K video at 120fps (vs 60fps for Hero9)
  • 2.7k video at 240fps (vs 120fps for Hero9)
  • 23mp photos (vs 20mp for Hero9)
  • HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization (vs Hypersmooth 3.0)
  • TimeWarp 3.0, which if true, would be the same as the hyperlapse of the Hero 9.

What about GoPro MAX or Hero Session?

There was no word on a successor to GoPro MAX or the speculation about a return of the GoPro Session.


There was no leak about accessories.  However, given that Hero 10 looks almost identical to Hero 9 (except for the blue logo), it is likely that Hero 10 will be able to use at least some of the same accessories (called mods) as Hero 9, including the Max lens mod.  But it’s possible they may have a new version of the Media Mod to force you to buy that in order to use the other mods such as the front facing LCD screen.

I’m glad they have the same shape because it probably means you can use the same frames and cages.

You can probably use the same Hero 9 mounts for Hero 10
You can probably use the same Hero 9 mounts for Hero 10

Release date and price

WinFuture did not have information about a release date but in the past, GoPro has often released their cameras in September.

Regarding price, in the latest earnings call, GoPro said they wanted to increase margins but they also wanted to continue their strategy of generating revenue through subscriptions.  This may mean that Hero 10 could be the same as Hero 9’s release price of $450, discounted to $350 for those who subscribe to GoPro’s subscription.  The subscription entitles the user to replacement if any of their GoPro cameras break, up to 2 times per year (deductible applies — $99 for GoPro Hero 9 or MAX).  You also get a 50% discount on accessories.  It also now includes unlimited cloud storage at full resolution.  After the first year, GoPro subscription is $5 per month.

For those who don’t need the new features of the Hero 10, its release would also likely mean a reduction in the price of the Hero 9.  I’m guessing to $350, discounted to $250 for those who subscribe.

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