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Gopro Hero 10 now in stock in at least one store! See the price, release date, specs (UPDATE)

GoPro Hero 10 in stock - price, specs, release date
GoPro Hero 10 in stock – price, specs, release date

GoPro Hero 10 now in stock in at least one store.  Here are the price, release date, specs and features.  UPDATE: correction to the price – it’s Croatian kuna not Norwegian krone.

The GoPro Hero 10 rumors (features and specs here) are real and it’s now in stock in at least one store in Norway.  The price is 4299 krone, which is around USD $499.  By comparison, Hero 9 launched at $450, so it’s around an 11% price increase.  UPDATE: viewer Tomislav said the photo is not from Norway but from Croatia, and the currency is kuna not krone.  But in an odd coincidence, it does reflect a price increase of around 10% compared to the 3800 kuna launch price of the Hero 9 in Croatia.

The price increase is consistent with GoPro’s strategy to increase profit margins.  However, their other strategy is to build their subscription business.  Therefore there will likely be some kind of incentive to get a GoPro subscription.   With the GoPro Hero 9, the price at launch was $450, with a discount to $350 if you get a 1-year GoPro subscription for a replacement plan (with a deductible of $99) and cloud backup.  After the first year, it’s $5 per month.  It’s possible that the Hero 10 will have a similar price structure and will be $399 if you get a 1-year GoPro subscription.

The subscription will likely be available only if you purchase from GoPro, which gives users an incentive to purchase from GoPro instead of through a retailer such as Amazon or Best Buy, thus saving commissions for GoPro.

This is interesting because a couple of years ago, Hero 8 launched at $399 without any required subscription.  Now you get that price for the Hero 10 only if you get a $60 annual subscription.

FYI, you CAN cancel the subscription if you want to, without losing the discount but GoPro is betting that you won’t want to give up the free insurance for one year, then you’ll forget about it as they charge you $5 per month.

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