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What is the New Era of GoPro? 7 theories

What is the New Era of GoPro?
What is the New Era of GoPro?

GoPro has just posted an official teaser trailer for the Hero 10, which will launch on September 16, 2021 at 6am PDT (GMT+7), which is one day later than I anticipated in my “in stock” video.  The GoPro website also mentions a “New Era of GoPro”.  What do they mean?  Here are 7 theories about what it could mean.  I don’t have any insider information.  This is all speculation.

For reference, here’s the teaser video.

The teaser doesn’t seem to show any shots that would be impossible on a Hero 9 or other GoPro, so it seems to confirm there are no new features besides the higher frame rate

The “new era” they mentioned may be a reference to new benefits available with their subscription service.  Years ago, Nick Woodman said he envisioned GoPro becoming a media company.  They’ve already upgraded their cloud service so that it now has full resolution backups for unlimited videos.  But to make GoPro a successful media company, they need to attract more high quality content and more views.  In my video above, I discuss 7 theories for how they could achieve that.