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GoPro MAX update adds motion blur for its Mac desktop app

GoPro MAX gets motion blur
GoPro MAX gets motion blur

GoPro Player, the desktop app for GoPro MAX, has been updated to add motion blur and several other improvements.  Here are the improvements and a brief update on the Windows version.

GoPro MAX (reviewed here) is GoPro’s current 360 camera and successor to the GoPro Fusion.  Its desktop app, GoPro Player, can reframe 360 videos into non-360 videos where the user can change the view through keyframing, such as panning and tilting the camera, enabling the user to act as a director for their video.

In version 1.20, GoPro Player has been updated to add even more features:

  • Motion blur: the view moves through keyframing, you have the option to add motion blur to make it look more dynamic.

  • New 4:5 aspect ratio for social media.

  • Improved transitions: you can now add a transition effect (such as ease-in ease-out) to the all keyframes in the entire video in one click.

As of April 2020, GoPro Player is available only for Mac and works only with GoPro MAX.  It is not compatible with GoPro Fusion.


I beta tested what seems to be an early iteration of the Windows version and I’m hoping they release it soon, although it seems to be at least a few months away.  In the meantime, you can use GoPro FX Reframe plugin for Adobe Premiere, or you can use other 360 video editors.