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GoPro Max preliminary review video posted!

Should you buy GoPro Max? 16 Features + Weaknesses
Should you buy GoPro Max? 16 Features + Weaknesses

As you know, GoPro announced the GoPro Max on October 1, 2019. Here’s my preliminary review! For more details, check out my GoPro Max review page!  The Max is available for preorder from Amazon or direct from GoPro.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • Really odd that Amazon still lists it as being released Oct 25, considering GoPro made that stock-crashing announcement that the new cameras would be delayed a month or two, really misleading on Amazon’s part.

  • Do you think Insta will release a new camera before Xmas? Trying to decide what my first 360 camera should be for general sports, skiing, running, cycling videos.