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GoPro Max price revealed at $499!!!

GoPro Max Price
GoPro Max Price

Just as predicted, GoPro Max price is $499 (at the low end of my range of predicted prices)!

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  • Looks really underwhelming to me. Insta360 one X should be having a new one soon and I’m guessing it will be better than this.

    GoPro 8 was really disappointing as well but it did have some nice quality of life upgrades.
    Hypersmooth 2 looks really good though.

  • It’s very underwhelming.

    Specs are not that good.

    5.7k 30fps 120mbs has been done very well on the insta360 one x and I doubt the Max will be better if it is it’ll be by a very small margin.

    I guess if someone was on the lookout for an all in one solution instead of having both a GoPro and a Max then its a nice package. Insta360 new cam will be coming up and I’m sure the video on that will be even better.

    GoPro has made a lot of nice quality of life improvements and the new software which I have tested with a demo Max worked surprisingly well.

    I was impressed with the GoPro 8 smooth 2 and had a go with one whilst skateboarding and it worked really well.

    • It’s really unclear because GoPro said the Max’s bitrate is 78mbps at 1440 mode which is for non-360. It doesn’t say the bitrate for 360 mode.

  • Looks that Insta360 has pushed GoPro to do there homework decent!
    Hope to see your great review of this amazing camera (off course in comparison to the 360 standard on this moment the Insta360 One X.
    And lets see how the Insta360 team will strike back 😉

  • It looks to be a fantastic camera (especially the audio!!), but I still don’t think these (any of them) will truly break out until they reach 8K. I’ve done a lot of 5.x shooting, and it’s just not quite sharp enough, no matter which camera you use. Of course, we’ll also need YouTube, etc. to truly support higher resolution video.

    Still, aside from the unrealistic-at-this-time wish for 8K, this thing looks to be a beast.

    • Having looked at the HERO8 info… I wish the Max had the Night Lapse mode (or at least better low-light than the Fusion). I doubt it does, but I’d be interested to know.