Have a great weekend!!! Free VR glasses contest

360 Rumors for in-depth 360 camera reviews
360 Rumors for in-depth 360 camera reviews

Happy Friday everyone and happy Memorial Day to those in the U.S.! Here’s a chance for you to get free VR glasses.

Usually, traffic is slower on 360 Rumors on Fridays. That’s why I saved this post for today because I know only the hardcore readers read on Fridays!

I’ll send VR glasses to the first 10 people to name 3 cameras that I have that are NOT in the photo. Sorry, open to US residents only (it’s too difficult to mail to other countries). Email your guess to creadvty+360rglasses AT gmail.

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  • Insta360 Pro, Theta V, Kandao QooCam 360. Possibly the Detu MAX 8K 3D 360.

    However, now that I think about it the Insta360 Pro and Theta V might be in there. Well, rather than overthink it, I think I’ll go with those.

    • Hi Rich! Qoocam is one of them!
      Insta360 Pro and Theta V are both in the shot.
      Detu Max i dont’ own yet.
      Clue: the answers are hidden in within 1 mouseclick from the home page…
      best regards,

  • Samsung Gear 360 (v1), Samsung Gear 360 (v2), Vuze, Lenovo Mirage, Madventure 360, Panono, GoPro Fusion, Panohero, Pano 5+1, Insta360 Pro, Nikon Keymission, Insta360 One, Lucid Cam, Theta S, Theta V, goPro hero 5b,

    • Thanks Daniel! Actually, I’m looking for cameras I own but aren’t in the photo. For example, I own Qoocam but it’s not in the photo. I’m looking for 3 missing cameras. You can find the answer somewhere here on (within 1 click from the homepage).

      • Hi Mic,
        Realized that I misread the post right after hitting the submit button :X.

        GoPro Omni
        the VR Kit iphone Lens + Rotator
        Your A6000 or Nikon DSLR setups

        • Congratulations! please email me at creadvty+vrglasses AT gmail with your address so i can send you a pair of VR glasses 😀

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