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Hands-free 3rd person view with Insta360 BackBar (currently in stock, $33) – sample video

Insta360 Back Bar sample video
Insta360 Back Bar with sample video
Insta360 Back Bar with sample video
Insta360 Back Bar enables you to capture hands-free 3rd person views with your 360 camera such as Insta360 One X, Insta360 One, or Insta360 EVO.

The Back Bar resembles a weightlifting belt and has a 1/4-20 attachment for the invisible selfie stick.  The design is similar to the Sail Video Systems mount, which costs hundreds more.

Here’s a sample video from the Insta360 Back Bar by Pepe Vazquez from 360 Tips and Tricks, shot with Xiaomi Mi Sphere:

In the video, you can see Pepe adjust the view from rear, to side, to front.  Pepe also posted a video while walking and running.

Note that the Xiaomi’s stabilization is nowhere as good as that of the One X.  I ordered the BackBar and will post a test with the One X.  In the meantime, if you want more 360 camera tips, subscribe to 360 Tips & Tricks. The Insta360 Back Bar is $33 + shipping and is currently in stock at Insta360’s store.

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  • I bought it, problem is that I have a 42 inch waist.

    I would not recommend it for anyone with a size 36 inch or greater waist.

      • When they make one in larger size, I will purchase it.

        I also bought the 3 meter selfie stick and while it does a fantastic job, they made a rubber flange at the end of the stick which has a diameter which extends into the camera shot.

        I will trim it off with a knife, but Insta360 should remove the flange as I fail to see why it is there or what purpose it has.

        You may have to look down at me to see the black “wing” wobbling around the invisible pole.

        • I pulled the rubber flange off, problem solved without cutting.

          I thought maybe it is a safety device to prevent the end of the stick from causing damage – I use it now to cap the top of the base of the stick and keep the insides from sliding out.

          So it is a cap/stopper – so keep it.