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Hands-on preview: Guru 360, a stabilized 3-axis gimbal for 360 cameras

Hands-on preview: Guru 360

Update: here is a sample 360 video I took with the Guru 360.
As of Q1 2017, there are a few gimbals designed specifically for 360 cameras.  Two of them (NS VR and Wenpod) are designed for heavier 360 cameras and for camera rigs and cost about $2,000.  The first affordable 360 gimbal is the Guru 360 by GimbalGuru.

I had the chance to try it out.  Here it is in action!

As I mentioned in the video, I’m going to test it out further this weekend.  Stay tuned for a more detailed analysis and some sample 360 videos with the Guru 360.  And if you have particular questions or requests, please post them in the comments and I’ll do my best to address them.  Please note this is a preproduction model, so the final specs and appearance are subject to change.  Please note also that there’s an app for it that enables it to be controlled remotely but I don’t have access to that app yet.

In the meantime, if you preorder the Guru 360 from, you can get a significant discount.  (As of the time of this writing, there are only 25 units left.)   The first batch is estimated to be shipped in March.

BTW if you found this post helpful, I would really appreciate it if you can share it with your friends!  Thank you very much!

(Note: I didn’t get the Guru 360 for free.  I ordered it myself for the same price as everyone else after seeing the demo videos they posted.  This unit is just being loaned to me for early access.)

Update: I’ve now had the chance to use the Guru 360 for a 360 video.  Here is a sample 360 video I took with the Guru 360.


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  • I'll be interested to see how the gimbal appears in the 360 video of the devices such as Theta and Samsung. The bit that sticks out to the side looks like it would be in the FOV pretty much.

  • Hi Adam! Great question! Some stabilizers use weights to stabilize cameras using inertia. Other stabilizers such as the Guru 360 are active and use motors to counteract any instability. In the case of the Guru 360, it uses 3 motors, controlled by a computer to keep the camera stable. Active stabilizers are much more effective at stabilization than passive stabilizers but they also cost more and yes they require batteries.

    Best regards,

  • Did you try the zhiyun smooth with the custom attachment as shown by danydanyfree? Just wondering how the guru compares to that one. Price wise not that much different. Im thinking of getting one stabilizer for my samsung gear but wanna be sure before spending 300 bucks on one.

    • Hi there. I don't have the Zhiyun Smooth, but I have a similar gimbal, the Moza Mini-C. I haven't tried the Mini-C with danydanfree's adapter. However, the Guru360 will have a lower center of gravity compared to a conventional gimbal with danydanfree's adapter. If you don't have a gimbal yet, I think the Guru 360 will perform better. I think Danydanfree's adapter might be useful if you already have a gimbal and want to re-purpose it.

      Best regards,