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Hangout with other 360 shooters and get free beer at this meetup!

360 shooter meetup with free beer!
360 shooter meetup with free beer!

How would you like to meetup with other 360 shooters AND get free beer?  You’ll also be hanging out with Jim Malcolm who was the Chief Marketing Officer for Ricoh where he helped launch the Ricoh Theta, and is now US General Manager at Vuze.

On August 15, 2017, there’s a meetup at New York to be hosted by Jim where you can just talk about 360 photos and videos with Jim and other 360 shooters.  Jim is a fountain of knowledge — chatting him is a tremendous opportunity in itself, and I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two.  But on top of that, you’ll also get good beer – on Vuze!  How can you pass up on that?  Here’s where you can RSVP:

And if you’re not in New York, don’t worry, Jim will be traveling around the country and if you’re lucky he might drop by a city near you.  Follow Vuze on Facebook to stay updated.

On a related note, Jim is on a list of proposed panelists for SXSW 2018. His talk would answer these questions:
– What lessons from the imaging industry’s past can be heeded to shape best practices for VR and 360-video content creation?
– What are the opportunities available today to help content creators jump in to VR and 360-video production?
– What will it take for VR video to thrive and gain mass adoption, now and in the future?

Very interesting – and IMPORTANT – questions for the 360 industry and imaging industry. And if you want to hear the presentation, you need to vote for his presentation. So 360 shooters, we gotta represent!

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