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How to avoid overheating in your 360 camera

Ben Claremont (Life in 360) shares this tip on how to avoid overheating on your 360 camera.  And no, you don’t need to bring a fan. 🙂 Here’s the video:

So far the cards I have been using are Sandisk Extreme 64GB (U3) and I haven’t been experiencing premature overheating issues.  I’ve also been trying out the Samsung EVO Select 64GB (U3), which costs significantly less and so far I haven’t noticed any issues either.  I’m also using the Samsung EVO Select 128GB (U3) for my Samsung S8+ Micro SD card slot, and haven’t noticed any issues.  In fact, when using my Insta360 Air, I’ve set it to record to the Micro SD, and have been able to record and playback at the higher 3K setting without issues.

How about you?  Are there any Micro SD cards that you particularly like or dislike?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • The Samsung Gear 360 SM-C200 I bought in mid 2016 overheats much faster than other such cameras (same model) I bought in Spring of 2017. I managed to get more than 70 minutes of 4k video recording out of the newer cameras wherewas the older camera stopped recording after 30-40 minutes.
    My guess is Samsung improved some aspect of the camera to make it last longer before overheating.

    • Oh and I’m using Samsung Evo+ cards mostly (they write at 20MByte/s).

      I think Ben Claremont is ill informed in requiring 95MByte/s, those are read speeds anyway and the camera is writing, not reading.

      As long as the card is fast enough, the temperature is more important than the write speed. Faster cards could even be hotter (as is the case with SSDs).

  • Thanks for the advice, but what about when you use a cell phone for the Insta360 Air like a Samsung S7 which does not have an optional SD card slot? My internal available memory is about 16 GB. And, as usual, Insta360 doesn’t provide any type of documentation to know how long it takes to use up available memory. My Olympus camera documentation clearly shows a matrix of memory usage by resolution used for pictures or video, but these guys fail to provide any professional documentation. Thus buyers can get sucked in to buying one without understanding memory usage limits.

    • Hi Vance. The internal storage of the S7 is faster than most SD cards so it’s a non issue. Second, some smartphones have a Micro SD card slot (including the S7), and the Air allows you to record to that SD card. You’ll need to use a U3 Micro SD card for best results. Third, the current Air app does have a counter indicating how much space is remaining. Check it out! 🙂 Best regards, Mic

  • if you feel warm outside cam, do you feel how hot inside cam is? pretty hot at least. Since it is air tight means water can’t get in which means hot air trap inside cam. Only way is to inject air to cam but open it will destroy camera optical aligment and it’s not that easy to open. I did try to find a way to inject air but eventually I destroy mine.

    • Camera can radiate heat through the body as well thats why some cameras have a metal frame to conduct heat away from sensor