Virtual Tour Techniques

Statistics like these can help you sell your virtual tour services

How do you sell virtual tours to clients who are not familiar with virtual tours in the first place?  In this post by successful marketer & award-winning creator Alex Ruhl, learn how to sell virtual tours effectively using these statistics.

Most of you will be more than familiar with the tech that drives the 360 engine. But as our sector is becoming more widely discovered as a tool for training, sales and virtual tours, I think now is the perfect time to be learning how to pitch your 360 photography/videography skills if monetizing is something you’re interested in.

Pitching 360 photos or videos, a medium that is still very much considered to be in its infancy (despite being around for decades), can be tricky.  Clients can see investing in 360 or virtual tours as a risk because it’s unfamiliar to them. They don’t know what kind of results they’ll see or what value it can bring to their company. That’s where statistics come in.  Add a couple of powerful stats like these to your pitch and client’s will be way more inclined to trust 360 photos or virtual tours can provide a powerful return on investment:

“Between Feb & May 2020, virtual tour visits increased by 329% & during COVID, 90% of marketers surveyed found virtual tours contributed to increased sight-unseen leases.”

(Credit: stats taken from this survey by Chicago-based company LCP360 who have some great blog posts which any virtual tour professional should be inspired by:

Businesses looking for a new way to engage their website visitors or estate agents looking for alternatives to showcasing properties would definitely perk up hearing stats like these.

Find successful case studies for businesses similar to your target customers. By demonstrating your clients could be missing out on crucial traffic, clicks and (most importantly) sales, you’ll strengthen your chances of landing a successful pitch.

I dig deeper into the importance of using stats to win clients on my podcast – Alex Makes VR. If you’re looking to level up your 360 business skills, you can tune in on all the major podcast platforms: