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HP Reverb high resolution VR headset IN STOCK! Here’s where to buy it!

HP Reverb - best VR headset for 360 photos and videos
HP Reverb – best VR headset for 360 photos and videos

The HP Reverb (Professional Edition) — the highest resolution consumer VR headset — is in stock here!

HP Reverb in stock
HP Reverb in stock

HP Reverb has the highest resolution per eye in a consumer VR headset, with a resolution of 2160 x 2160 per eye.  It is a PC-based 6DOF VR headset that requires no sensors.  It had been highly anticipated but its launch was delayed several times.  But now it is finally available.

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  • “its launch was delayed several times. But now it is finally available”

    That doesn’t tell nearly the whole story.

    More accurately, yes, it was delayed initially, but then it did start shipping since back in June, but many (many!) of those people receiving one have been plagued with serious problems, from cable issues, to power draw, to overheating, screen failures, flickering, etc. Lots of buyers on Reddit are furious, and lots and lots of people returned it (or more than one) and eventually gave up.

    HP *admitted* these problems (also on Reddit), and THINK they have them all fixed in this latest revision which is starting to ship now.

    So, yeah, by all means, go ahead and get one. But people should know that until enough people have their hands on this latest revision and a chance to see if it holds up, you’re taking a risk, and it’s an expensive one. At the very least, get it from somewhere with a good return policy.


    • Hi Andre. Sorry but you may have to wait until it appears on the Amazon store for Norway. Maybe you can also ask a friend in the US to buy it for you.