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Hubblo VR wants to know: what kinds of sample shots do you want to see?

Hubblo VR wants to know:
Hubblo is a 3D 360 video with realtime stitching and 4k resolution.  They will be launching their crowdfunding campaign soon, and are in the process of taking sample shots.

Hubblo is asking 360 Rumors’ readers: what kinds of sample photos and videos would you like to see?  Please post in the comments so I can relay to them.  Hubblo and its testers will do their best to accommodate your requests.  They have generously offered to shoot video samples in different cities that you will be able to use as you like and without restriction…!

Please also post if you have questions or requests for Hubblo VR.  Thank you very much!

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  • Hello old friend! Good to hear from you! Right now there is no public sample photo yet but they will post some soon. And they want to post more photos and videos that are the kind that you want to see, so that's why they're asking.

    Best regards,

  • If I were doing demo shots, I'd want to show off, providing the camera/software can properly perform, shots in a close space (i.e., a small room in a house), a busy city center, with lots of movement and color (Times Square is a good example), from the top of a roller coaster in a moving coaster car, and a photo/video with the camera mounted on a highway speed moving vehicle.

    Thanks for asking.

  • Hehe, i'm always here, i read the 360rumors every day. 😉 As Rich says, the most important is the software. How handle it the parallax effect (Z Cam Wonderstich is the best right now, i think) and the rolling shutter problems.

  • Basically real world scenarios. At home when family is over. At a fun park during the early morning, mid-day and evening. At a high school or pre-school event like when kids have band practice or an indoor game or concert. An evening in the center of the city where it is lit. Can this camera up the brightness and contrast of the video it renders automatically if in the low light areas? Thanks.