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You Too Can Learn from the Legends at IVRPA!

A crop from Sam Rohn's photo
A crop from Sam Rohn’s photo
Update: IVRPA 2018 videos added below  Believe it or not, the cropped shot above is from a 360 camera, not a DSLR (this one is from the GoPro Fusion).  BTW it was shot with only one exposure.  It shows what a skilled photographer can do.  It was shot by Sam Rohn, a legendary 360 photographer who has been shooting 360 photos since 1998, and whose clients include household names such as National Geographic Traveler, Nikon, and Disney, and many others.  Here is the 360 version (posted with Sam’s permission):

I wanted to show it here because Sam is just one of many illustrious members of the IVRPA (International Virtual Reality Photographers Association).  It is basically the guild for 360, and if you want to learn from the experts, this is where you will find them!  (BTW, it’s a nonprofit organization.)

You may have seen from my Facebook posts that I’ve been invited to speak at IVRPA Conference in Tokyo next week (May 28-31).  I’ll be presenting with Insta360 to show the new Adobe Premiere plugin for Insta360 Pro, which will make it shockingly easy to edit the Insta360 Pro.  I’ll also present a comparison of 360 photos shot with a DSLR versus the best 360 cameras for photos.  Ben Claremont of Life in 360 will also be there, and of course there will be many other esteemed speakers.  Check out the program here.

While I’m there, I probably won’t be able to post much although I have a couple of posts prepared for you and of course, I will resume posts after I get back.  See you in a couple of weeks!

You can watch some videos from IVRPA 2018 in this playlist:

You can also watch other videos from IVRPA 2018 here by signing up to become a member of IVRPA.  It’s just $50 for a year!

IVRPA 2018
IVRPA 2018


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