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Insta360 Air now available on Amazon and B&H Photo!

Insta360 Air is now available on Amazon and on B&H Photo Video ($129)!  With today’s announcement of realtime image stabilization, this will sell out quickly…

Insta360 Air is a 360 camera accessory for Android phones (here are my first impressions).  Here again are the key specifications:

– Photo resolution: 3008 x 1504
– Video resolution: 2560 x 1280 @ 30 fps for most Android phones; 3008 x 1504 @ 30 fps for “high-end” phones such as Samsung S7 and Huawei P9
– realtime stitching
– wireless livestreaming
– available for Micro USB or USB Type-C

It had a very successful Indiegogo campaign that raised 12 times their campaign goal AND delivered the product on time (in fact, ahead of schedule for some users).

For a list of compatible and incompatible Android phones, see this database from the Insta360 Air Users Group.  See also this list From Insta360’s page:
“These devices have been tested to be incompatible:
Xiaomi(Mi): 4c/note
HUAWEI: mate7/Glory 7i
vivo: x7
Nubia: Z9 mini/Z7 max/Z7 mini
Smartisan: U1

Minimum configuration requirements:
1.Supports OTG
2.Android 5.1 or above
3.System on Chip(SOC):
Qualcomm: 600 Series or 800 Series
MTK: Helio X10, X20, X25, X30 Series
Exynos: 7410, 8890
Huawei Kirin: Kirin9xx Series
4.RAM: 2G or above”

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  • Love the blog! I bought this (on B&H) based on seeing it here, and the livestreaming is fantastic. The camera is relatively low-end otherwise, but it's small, inexpensive, and has some nice tricks up its sleeve. FWIW, a Pixel XL only does 2560 x 1280 video, so the group allowed higher resolution must be quite limited indeed. If someone could only buy one camera in this price range, I still recommend the LG 360, which I think is a fantastic value and extremely pocketable, but for livestreaming on Android, this is the only game in town. Cute, functional, well-built, and inexpensive.

    • Hi Joe. Hmm the Pixel XL is limited to 1280p? That's unexpected… Have you tried checking the options to see if there's a 1504p setting? As for the LG 360 Cam, yes it's a decent camera too, but in a couple of weeks Insta360 Air and Nano will add realtime image stabilization, which would make them even better and arguably the best consumer 360 cameras.

      Best regards,

    • Yup – the settings only go up to 1280, so I'm hoping an update will fix that, as surely the Pixel is fast enough for 1504. Real-time image stabilization will be a huge plus, although I will typically still defer to the LG for those "hey, this would make a great 360" moments, because it's so much easier to pull out of my pocket and get going. The Insta360 Air is really cute, livestreaming is great, and I've used it a lot since getting it, but it still worries me a bit – and it's a little inconvenient – to plug something directly into the phone. However, the fact the app opens immediately, and files are quickly exported, are both huge benefits. But… you definitely need to consciously decide to bring this along, whereas the LG can just be kept in-pocket. Obviously, the solution to these issues is to have all the 360 offerings so as to be able to choose the best one for a given situation! 😉