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Insta360 Air realtime stabilization demo and firmware upgrade tutorial

Realtime stabilization has now been added Insta360 Air, the first 360 camera for Android phones.  Here’s a demo and a tutorial for upgrading the firmware required this feature.

Here’s the demo video and tutorial:

Before you begin, here are two tips for installation:
1. When connecting the Insta360 Air to your phone, connect the Air directly and not through an adapter.  This will minimize the chance for errors. After installing, you can go back to using the adapter.
2. You’ll be inserting and reinserting the Air a lot.  To avoid smearing the lens, you can put the Insta360 Air in its silicone rubber case upside down.  You’ll still be able to insert it into your phone.

Here are the steps.
1.  Install the Insta360 Air app version 1.4 or above on your smartphone.
As of April 27, version 1.4 is still not live on Google Play Store but you can download the beta version from Insta360.com.  Use your phone to go to Insta360.com.  On the upper left corner, click on the three lines to bring up the menu.

Near the bottom of the menu, you’ll see Downloads.  Click on that.

On the next screen, scroll down to Insta360 Air software, confirm it is version 1.4 or higher, and then click on the “Installation Package” to download the APK.

Go to “Downloads” under “My Files” to find the APK and install it.  You’ll get a warning that it’s an unknown app.  Just allow installation for this time.


2.  After the app is installed, upgrade the firmware for the Insta360 Air.

Launch the new app, and insert the Insta360 Air.  Go to Settings, then About, then tap on the firmware version.  You’ll be notified that there’s a new firmware.

Tap on download, then you’ll get a message to reinsert the Insta360 Air with the pin.  Remove the Air, insert the pin that came with the Air (or any other thin object) into the reset hole (called “burning hole” in the manual).  While keeping the pin pushed, reinsert the Air into your phone.

You’ll see a button to upgrade, then tap on that.  (It’s now ok to release the pin.)  This will upload the firmware from your phone into your Air.

When it’s done uploading the firmware to the Air, you’ll be asked to reinsert the Air again.  Remove the Air and reinsert it (without the pin).  This will install the firmware within a few seconds.  You’ll then see in the About section that the firmware is no longer showing “New,” which means your firmware is up to date.

You’re done!  You’re now ready to use realtime image stabilization with the Air!

To use realtime stabilization, just tap on the atomic-looking symbol to the left the shutter:

As long as it’s highlighted, the image will be stabilized.  This works for photo, video, and live streaming!

If you’d like to buy Insta360 Air, please use the affiliate links below to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews.  Insta360 Air is available from Amazon here:
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  • Hi, Mic

    I recently got an Insta360 Air for personal use (Mi Sphere is my main camera). The Air will not let me connect with Facebook, I get this message:
    App not setup: “this App is still the the development mode, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.”

    That makes no sense to me since I have downloaded the latest app from the Insta 360 website, and also have the latest firmware.

    I have no problem with connecting to Messenger, though.

    Do you have any suggestions?


    • Hi Duke. That is very strange. Please contact insta360 via the insta360 facebook group. They might have uploaded beta or alpha version of the software.

      Best regards,

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