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Insta360 Air video: unboxing and quick demo

I just wanted to share an unboxing and quick demo of the Insta360 Air (first impressions here).  Here’s the video:

The Insta360 Air looks pretty good so far.  I’m looking forward to the release version of the app!

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  • Do you know if with the release of the Insta360 Air, one can use a Lightning to USB adapter to attach the Insta360 to an Android to tap on the Android App?

    • Hi there w! If I understand correctly, you want to use the Insta360 Nano on an Android phone using a lightning to USB adapter and the Insta360 Air app. That is an interesting question. I haven't tried it but I will check. If I had to guess I would think not, but it *may* be possible to use a Micro SD card reader for Android to load photos and videos from the Nano into the Air app. But I haven't tried. I will check.

      Best regards,

  • Thanks, Mic! Yes, that is my query! I'm in the interesting situation of having the Insta360 Nano but no iPhone, so was thinking if there is a solution ard this. (Although I must say it is now a little more tempting to cross over to get an Apple phone now)

    • Hi w. I don't have a lightning to USB adapter so I haven't tested the Nano on an Android phone, but as you know Android and iOS use different programming languages so I think the chance of it working is very low.

      I also don't have a micro SD card reader with a micro USB cable to attach to my Android phone so I wasn't able to test whether the Air app can read Nano files. However, there's a free Insta360 player app for both Android and iOS that can read files from any Insta360 camera including the Nano. If you can connect a Micro SD card reader to your Android phone it should be possible to open the Nano files.

      Best regards,