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Insta360 app tutorial – beginner and intermediate techniques (Insta360 One X2, Insta360 One R and Insta360 One X)

Insta360 app tutorial for Insta360 One R and Insta360 One X
Insta360 app tutorial for Insta360 One R and Insta360 One X

Do you find the new Insta360 app overwhelming?  Or do you know how to use the app features, but want to improve your video editing?   Here is a tutorial for the new Insta360 app, which is for  the Insta360 One X2, Insta360 One R and Insta360 One X.  This tutorial is for beginners but also for intermediate users who want to improve their video editing technique.  First, I’ll show how to use the app, step-by-step.  I’ll focus on the most important features.   I’ll also show fundamental video editing principles, and we’ll discuss how to use the app to implement those video editing concepts.  Here’s the tutorial:

00:00 Intro
02:28 Shooting with the app
02:57 How to connect Insta360 One R or One X with the app
02:32 Why shoot with the app – 3 advantages
03:21 Parts of the app + How to upgrade firmware
03:56 How to adjust settings for video
05:50 How to adjust settings for photo
07:16 What is PureShot?
08:14 How to share photos and videos? Editing without downloading
09:42 PART 2: Editing for appearance – key concept
09:59 Adjusting brightness, contrast, etc.
10:15 Applying filters and beauty filter
10:34 Adding music
10:54 How to use multiview (picture-in-picture)
11:27 Speed effect and timeshift (speed ramp)
12:41 PART 3: Editing for storytelling – key concepts
13:00 Tools for storytelling
13:09 how to use jump cut
14:32 How to reframe videos
14:47 Reframe #1: Deep Track
15:05 Reframe #2: Viewfinder
16:14 How to reframe as tiny planet or rabbit hole
16:36 Reframe #3: Keyframing
18:15 PART 4: Automatic editing
18:27 Using Themes
19:40 Using Shot Lab
20:11 How to use autoframe correctly
22:22 How to combine multiple photos and videos (even if they are not Insta360 cameras, such as your smartphone or another 360 camera)

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  • Hi Mic Ty,

    I know this isn’t directly related timewise to your post but… can someone please tell Insta360 that their app is terrible! I just attempted to install the latest update (3/11/21) and it is no better than any of the previous versions.

    It’s totally obtrusive and annoying with all the gimmicky additions. I realize Insta is trying to promote different things you can do with the camera(s) but it makes the entire app clunky and bloated. It is an adventure on start up just to connect the camera, let alone make any setting changes. Nothing about this app is easy or user friendly.

    Also, the constant electronic notifications, particularly hyping their latest model, are truly annoying. Additionally, the app runs in a questionable manner on the latest Samsung tablet and for the most part is not usable.

    I’ve uninstalled the app, use my computer and the desktop app, to avoid the annoyances. The cool features on the app are meant for only very short video clips and would be more useful in the desktop application which, of course, would have more processing power and the ability to manipulate video in a manner not possible on a tablet or phone.

    Thanks for listening,


  • Hello. I am wanting to edit my X2 videos. When the 360 footage is edited and reframed, are you still able to pan around the scene as it is playing and look at different parts of it?

    • Hi David. When you render the reframed video, the reframed video cannot be rotated. If you want to rotate it but also control the view, then you can use keyframes and export as 360 video (not as reframed video). But you need to make sure that your editing software can keyframe 360 video. With Insta360 Studio, if you are in 360 video mode, there is no keyframing option. You could try Magix Movie Edit, Powerdirector, or Premiere.