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Insta360 CrystalView software now available; Insta360Moment tutorial

Insta360 Moment (Insta360 CrystalView app)
Insta360 Moment (Insta360 CrystalView app)

When Insta360 announced the Insta360 Pro 2, they also announced the release of the Insta360 CrystalView technology to view 8K 3D 360 videos in VR using with what seems to be fixed foveated rendering.  In any case, the app for viewing with CrystalView is now available, and it’s called Insta360Moment (Insta360 Moment).  Why didn’t they just call the app CrystalView?  Beats me… Anyway the app is now available for download for Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, iOS, and Android.


Please note that for full resolution the app requires a Snapdragon 835 (e.g. Samsung S8) or better.  On Oculus Go, which uses the Snapdragon 635, the maximum resolution for videos is 6K 3D or 8K 2D.

Where to download the app

The app is called “Insta360Moment” (no space).  For Gear VR, it’s easiest to find the app on the Oculus app on your phone.  For Oculus Go, look for the app in the Store from the main menu.  For iOS, it’s on the App Store.  For Android, it’s on Google Play store.

For Oculus Go, you may need to perform an update.  To update Oculus Go, connect the Oculus Go to your smartphone wirelessly and launch the Oculus app, then follow the instructions.

Where to download sample files for CrystalView

You can download sample files for CrystalView here (from Insta360 Pro 2).

For Oculus Go users, please download from this folder to your desktop.  Connect the Oculus Go to your PC via Micro USB.  On Oculus Go, you’ll see a popup message asking for permission to access your Oculus Go files.  After clicking on “Allow,” open the new VR-Headset drive from Windows Explorer.  Paste the VRB files into the VR-Headset folder called Insta360Moment.  Then reboot the Oculus Go.  Now you’ll see the files in the Insta360Moment app.

How to convert videos into CrystalView format

According to Insta360, you’ll be able to convert videos into CrystalView .vrb format in a one-click process using an app that will be released soon.  Insta360 staff said that any 360 video of 6K resolution or above from almost any 360 camera (not just from Insta360) can be converted into CrystalView.

How to load photos and videos

To load photos and videos to your smartphone or Oculus Go, transfer the files in the Insta360 Moment folder.  Insta360Moment can also find files stored in Insta360 folders e.g. the Insta360 One folder.  Insta360 Moment can view jpg, mp4, insp (Insta360 photo format), insv (Insta360 video format), and vrb (CrystalView format).

After loading the files into the folder, you can launch Insta360Moment.

Insta360Moment main menu
Insta360Moment main menu

How does it look?

Gear VR

I viewed the Gear VR version and it had problems as of August 30, 2018.  In 2D photos and videos, the image appeared with double vision.  For 3D crystal view files, there was no double vision, but the video appeared to break up into several pieces that didn’t move together.  At least one user reported nausea from the Oculus Go version.  On the positive side, on the Gear VR, the video looks detailed.

Oculus Go

The sample files for Oculus Go were in 8K 2D instead of 8K 3D (see above re requirements).  The videos were detailed and were not broken up.  However, the field of view was wider than normal, therefore when I turn my head, the view does not move the same way, which leads to discomfort / nausea.

I’m confident that Insta360 can resolve the issues with the Insta360Moment app.

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  • This app is a complete mess on the Go. I don’t see how Insta360 can release something so broken and expect to be taken seriously. I think they should pull this from the Go store ASAP and re-release it when they have it working properly.

      • i think they can fix it. Oculus Go doesn’t have the puzzle bug, and gear vr doesn’t have the distortion bug. So between them, they should know how to get rid of both bugs

  • Actually this app looks like an alpha version… Motion sickness when viewing 8K2D is due to the fact that the app still applies head movement to a non-3D movie. Image quality is nice, till you don’t move too much. The walking samples are simply terrible with tiles all around. Oculus GO pop a overheating alert after very short. I bet this is also draining your battery…
    Delivery of higher res videos is probably not ready for prime time yet.

  • on the android version, vrb 360 video files are grayed, i can only view 360 photos, is there something to do to be abler to view 8k mono vrb files ? thanks

  • Wait when viewed on my GO this app has the puzzle bug bigtime and in unwatchable. We really need this kind of app to increase resolution but they should be embarrassed to put out such a buggy product before it’s been fully tested. Fix this fast PLEASE!

  • i wonder if the issues i just read are sorted now?
    i just ordered a yi 360
    alongside a gearvr for my note 8.
    i want to showcase sharp,great quality videos to clients for property inspection.

  • can someone play the .vrb files on the android version ? (i have the .vrb files gayed as if it was not recognized (360 equirect jpeg are opening and displaying fine though).

    • i notice that on the android version the files recognized are : .vrv,.insp,.insv,.mp4 and .jpg but not .vrb is it the same on the gearVR app ? (or do you see .vrb in addition in the list of recognized file type ?)

      • my bad i just had to copy the vrb files in the insta360moment folder and it works !! ( it also scans the download folder but does not list vrb files when they are in the download folder, it only list the jpg files )

        • a bit disappointed it looks like binoculars ( 2 intersecring circles that does not fit the screen fully instead of 2 squares that uses all the screen space as in other 360 video players)

          • remarks : the snapdragon 835 of my sony xz premium cannot playback the 8k stereo without dropping frames in 4k screen mode but it can playback perfectly 8k mono with the screen in 4k – the only problem is that the 2 circles are too close to the center (wrong ipd distance – the fov can be adjusted in the insta360moment UI but not the ipd ) if someones whows how to change the ipd in some internal settings files in the insta360moment player please let me know (not in the UI as it is not available)

  • Hi there. Got my Oculus Go couple days ago. Till now was using and showcasing our projects via Google Cardboard Ver. 2. After trying the Oculus Go – not going back to cardboard. Sure, the quality seems close to my 2560x1440px phone’s, but there is no jittering when you move the glasses.

    Ok. About the Crystal view and 8k footage. I think it’s good enough. Yes, it’s a bit slower and not as smooth as 4k. But the quality is a lot better. And the app, what about it – did not crash, showed the video. Is free. What’s more needed?

    Plus if Insta360 will give out a tool to make these videos from other than their own cameras – that amazing!

    • Just tried on my new oculus go…it lacks the power to play the 8K files. But I hope they can solve this, since the quality is finally getting to the level my pictures where at (exported them at 8k)