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BEST MONOPOD for 360 cameras: 3 ways to use Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick (in stock and on sale)!

The best monopod for 360 cameras is the highly sought-after Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick (new version), and it’s in stock and on sale!

I have dozens and dozens of monopods, tripods and selfie sticks.  In my opinion, the best monopod for 360 cameras is the Extended Edition Selfie Stick (new version).  The Extended Selfie Stick can extend to 3 meters and collapse to just 36cm.  Unlike the original version of the extended selfie stick, the new version of the Extended Selfie Stick can be used at any length as opposed to preset lengths, making it far more versatile.  I also like how you can extend it or retract it simply by pulling or pushing, making it much faster to use.

Drone-like perspectives.  When fully extended, you can capture drone-like perspectives or bird’s eye views, which you can turn into a tiny planet if you want.

Get drone-like shots
Get drone-like shots

Environmental portraits.  Besides getting drone-like shots, you can use the Extended Selfie Stick to capture environmental portraits.  Just use it to take a shot from a higher perspective, which will capture more of the background.   This is especially useful when you want to include a very tall or very wide object in the background.

The Extended Edition Selfie Stick can help you capture stunning backgrounds for your selfies
Environmental portraits: The Extended Edition Selfie Stick can help you capture stunning backgrounds for your selfies

Group shots without tripods.  A longer selfie stick also enables you to take group shots without having to ask people and without needing to setup a tripod.  Just extend the selfie stick in front of you.  The larger your group is, the longer you should extend it.  For a small family like ours, I extended the selfie stick around 6 feet in front of us in the shot below.

Get group shots without a tripod or without asking people
Get group shots without a tripod or without asking people

Although the new Extended Edition is very versatile and convenient, it does have one drawback: it does not work well for heavier cameras.  If you try to use it with a heavier camera such as the Pilot Era, the camera’s weight can push the stick down.  I would use it only for lighter consumer 360 cameras.

Because of its versatility and its convenience, the new version of the Extended Selfie Stick is my current favorite monopod for consumer 360 cameras.

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  • Yes I am the same thoughts, it is sooo convenient to make video with changing level while you record in park and tree so you changing then can make upper in moment after it you love it) and how it compact)) I going to sell my previous 3 m stick

  • Hi Mike,
    There’s another interesting option out there that could be a great solution for 360. It’s the Lumecube’s stand that is made for their lights, but perfect for 360. Only up to 5 feet, but– it has a built in tripod and it all packs down to a great size.

    So if one wants to shoot static shots, it’s great.

    • Hi Bill. I have a similar stand and the issue is that the tripod legs are too short. And you can’t use other wider tripod legs with them. The other issue with this particular tripod is that the top part is wide and will be visible to most 360 cameras. But I agree it is convenient and can be used indoors.

  • Hi Mike,

    Based on your review, I ordered this monopod and received it today. It is indeed a nice and solid product, manufactured by Sirui. I measured its maximum length, and it is only 290 cm, instead of the 300 cm as listed on the Insta360 website and the leaflet in the box. OK, it is only 10 cm short, but still, why can’t a company like Insta360 not deliver according to their own specifications?

  • Hi!
    I’m wondering, what other accessories did you buy to make it a monopod? How long should the tripod be in order to stand stable on the ground? And did you buy any counterweight, so it won’t be blown over, if yes, where did you buy these? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Pypy. I use it handheld. If you want to use it self-standing, you need a very wide base to make sure it doesn’t fall, such as a standard 5-foot tall tripod.

    • Hi Joe. Yes it will. Just don’t extend the last (thinnest) segment to provide additional rigidity. It will still be very long.