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Insta360 Go 2 64GB vs 32GB endurance test: overheating, battery life, storage capacity

Insta360 Go 2 64GB vs 32GB: how long can it record
Insta360 Go 2 64GB vs 32GB: how long can it record

How long can you record on the Insta360 Go 2 64GB and 32GB versions before they run out of battery, run out of storage, or overheat?  I tested and here are the results.

Insta360 Go 2 (reviewed here) is one of the smallest stabilized HD action cameras in the world.  Because of its small size, it can be used to shoot unique videos in unusual places that would be difficult or impossible for other cameras.  It is also wearable and is very popular for POV videos, shooting b-rolls, sports, and FPV drones.

Insta360 Go 2 is smaller than most HD action cams
Insta360 Go 2 is smaller than most HD action cams

Yesterday, Insta360 released a new 64GB version with double capacity.  However, its recording time may also be limited not just by storage but also by overheating or through the maximum recording time limit per single video.

Standard Video vs Pro Video Mode

In addition, Go 2 has two recording modes: standard video mode and Pro mode, which has better stabilization (including 360-degree horizon leveling) and which lets you change the stabilization type, aspect ratio, orientation or field of view even after shooting.  You can also keyframe the video to make it move slightly up, down, left or right.  The disadvantage of the Pro mode is that it takes up more space and is more likely to overheat the Go 2.  You’ll also need to process the Pro mode video in the Insta360 phone app or Insta360 Studio desktop app.  However, many people prefer to shoot in Pro mode for better flexibility.

How long can you record each video?

As I mentioned, the Go 2 has a maximum recording time per single video because of overheating, and the internal memory cache.  Here are the limits, depending on whether you’re using Pro Video mode or Standard video mode.

Pro Video mode (1440p, 30fps, high bit rate mode):

  • Stationary, room temperature, unplugged: 9 mins 36 secs. (overheated).
  • Unplugged, in refrigerator: 20 mins. 4 secs. (ran out of battery).  Note: the charge case can charge the Go 2 around 3 times.
  • Refrigerator, recording while in charging case: 30 mins. (recording time limit reached).   File size: approx. 16.2GB.  Note: in addition to the charging case, there are other alternatives to power the Go 2, including the new USB powered mount, which enables you to charge it while recording, via USB or via your LiPo battery (with suitable adapter).

Standard Video mode (1440p, 30fps, high bit rate mode):

  • Default standard mode in refrigerator: 15 minutes (recording time limit reached).  File size: 3.84GB.
  • Unplugged, in refrigerator, recording limit set to 30 minutes: 25 minutes, 26 seconds (ran out of battery).  File size: 5.82GB.

Insta360 Go 2 Storage Capacity Chart

32GB (28GB usable)64GB (57GB usable)
Pro Video mode (1440p 30fps)51 mins.1 hour 46 minutes
Standard Video mode
(1440p 30fps)
2 hours4 hours 9 minutes

Where to buy?

Insta360 Go 2 is available directly from Insta360 (scroll down to choose the 64GB or 32GB version), through B&H Photo, or Amazon (beware of reseller markup):

Thanks for using these affiliate links so I can do more tests and reviews.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.  I do my best to answer them.

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  • Mic, I’m curious why you use a refrigerator for testing. Are you looking to emphasize what a camera can do if the ambient temperature is definitely cool? Wouldn’t testing in an air conditioned room or with a fan be more real-world? Anyway, always interested in your testing. Thanks for posting.

    • Hi Jesse. I used a refrigerator to simulate using it in an environment with lots of cooling air, such as on an FPV drone.

  • Yeah, these times kinda suck, I mean less than 30min recording in normal mode and 10-20 minutes in Pro, really its like flying a drone, you have to be aware of the battery/heat situation when shooting footage, and can’t focus on the action. I mean imagine waiting for a shot , then 20minutes in right before the action , the camera cuts out.. Cmon Insta its 2021 really cameras should last the full battery life.

  • When you tested it unplugged at room temperature do you believe it would’ve been the same time limit due to overheating had it been in the case? I’m particularly interested in using this for timelapse and it seems online that people are able to use for longer than 9 min for timelapse but I’d be interested to know how long it runs plugged and unplugged before overheating.

  • how are you getting 4hours , i dont even get that at 1080, im getting 3.25 at 1080p 30fps, my cam doesnt record more then 7mins on 1440p at 30fps

      • well i read it off this page and it says

        “Insta360 Go 2 Storage Capacity Chart” unless im not understanding something correct? “4 hours 9 minutes”

        • ohh ok sorry. What I meant is that the storage capacity (in terms of memory) is 4 hours, but you cannot record 4 hours continuously. You can only 30 minutes at a time.

          • no right i def understand that given the camera is about 20-30mins on 1 charge. but for some reason and not sure if its my settings but at 1440p 30fps on normal mode, i get to 7mins and then get an error “sd card is too slow.” could it be my settings, thanks

  • The future of the small cameras is bright. It might not have the quality of mirrorless or big cameras, but the ease of use, the small factor and the fact that you can use them whenever you want without any limitations makes this camera a must carry every day camera.

  • For Standard Video mode you tested it only in refrigerator, why? I’m interested to see the results also in typical room temperature

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