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New Insta360 Go 2 64GB doubles storage capacity

New Insta360 Go 2 with 64GB storage
New Insta360 Go 2 with 64GB storage

Insta360 has launched a new version of their popular thumb-sized Insta360 Go 2 with 64GB memory instead of 32GB memory, and is now available in all markets including North America.

Insta360 Go 2 (reviewed here) is a thumb-sized camera that is one of the smallest stabilized HD cameras in the world.  Because of its small size, it is very popular for social media and FPV drones.

Although the Go 2 has excellent stabilization, it has a few limits.  First, it has a fixed, nonremovable battery and second, its memory is also nonremovable.  Both of these were necessary to keep the Go 2 compact while still being waterproof.

Fortunately, both limits have been addressed in the past month.  A few weeks ago, Insta360 released a new powered USB mount that enables the Go 2 to be powered by a USB power source, or an FPV LiPo battery with a suitable adapter, giving it potentially unlimited recording time.

Insta360 has also now launched a new version with 64GB memory, which is double the 32GB of the current camera.   This enables the Go 2 to store up to an hour of videos.  The new version costs about 10% more ($330 instead of $300 for a complete set that includes the charging case which doubles as a wireless remote with OLED display).

Where to buy?

The 64GB version is available direct from Insta360 or from B&H Photo.  The original version with 32GB memory will still continue to be available.

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