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Insta360 Go 2 Review: 46 features + 10 weaknesses you should know (updated November 4, 2021)

Insta360 has released the Insta360 Go 2!  I’ve actually been beta testing it since November 2020, and here is a hands-on review that identifies all its features as well as 10 weaknesses.*

*Insta360 has resolved the 10th weakness (keyframing).  The new app now has keyframing.

Like its predecessor, the Insta360 Go 2 is a thumb-sized stabilized camera.   However, the Go 2 addresses all of the issues with the first generation Go with a very long list of improvements: longer recording time, longer battery life, higher image quality, easier control, remote control, remote live view and other features.

As for the weaknesses, they are mostly from the original Insta360 Go: limited nonremovable storage and battery, although both have been improved significantly.  Again, in the video review, I mentioned there is no keyframing but the app has been updated and now includes keyframing.


Insta360 Go 2 is now available for $299, direct from Insta360 only.   The kit includes:
– the Insta360 Go 2,
– the multipurpose charging case,
– one lens guard, a magnetic pendant,
– a multipurpose pivot stand that can be used to stick the Go 2 to smooth surfaces such as walls or windows
– Easy Clip for clipping the Insta360 Go 2 to a cap or shirt
– USB Type C cable.

I strongly recommend getting extra lens guards, which I believe will be sold out.

There are two versions: 32GB ($299) and 64GB ($330).  Here are the differences in storage capacity:

32GB (28GB usable)64GB (57GB usable)
Pro Video mode (1440p 30fps)51 mins.1 hour 46 minutes
Standard Video mode
(1440p 30fps)
2 hours4 hours 9 minutes


For reference, this was the teaser trailer with 8 insider facts:


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  • My guess: This tiny camera was attached to a string and then pulled along. What do you think, Mic? 😉

    • Thanks Oliver! That’s a good guess but if you did that, then I think it would not look smooth, even with really good stabilization.

  • Hi Mik ! You have been testing it since December? So it is not the package that arrived on your doorstep a few weeks ago? Good news ! 🙂 I am still holding out for the EVO2 or equivalent !

        • Thanks 🙂 Gonna be a different company then I guess. Hugh (Creator Up) seems to be saying that some nice cams are due before April or May so looking forward to those. To be honest I would be looking for something a bit more pro than the Evo but less pro than the InstaPro2 ! But I was keen to see what the Evo2 was going to offer.

    • Evo 2 would be nice. I think VR180 and 360 can benefit from 8k for sure. That and bigger sensors. I think Insta360 has 1 big thing to fear and thats Ricoh coming out with an updated 360 camera that has twin one inch sensors and can do 8k video. Ricoh already has the Z1. If they update that thing, they will be the king of 360 video for sure.

      Insta360 seems to really be hung up on making everything smaller. I am not sure who is asking for that, but i guess the drone people want it. It seems odd to have a string of tiny cameras come out when the 3d mod for the One R still isn’t released.

      • Yep. Getting boring 🙂 My next hunch (but seems I am always wrong) is that there’s going to be a InstaPro 3 coming along soon. Different budget of course. There were rumours of a Z2 but nothing announced by Ricoh at their event last week but that’s only 2D anyway. I think we are going to see some pro and prosumer releases soon. I am finding 2D remarkably flat (no pun was intended) now that I have experienced 3D in the Oculus. And I think 3D will overtake 2D when we all have headsets that resemble cool sunglasses. It’s basically incomparable. 2D you watch the action, 3D you are in the action.

  • Does this Go2 camera still have issues of the previous generation? When the camera is in the case, both batteries drop dead after 2-3 days?

      • Well, it’s not about the battery life. It’s about the fact that after 2 days both the Go and the charger are dead. That’s a big flaw and it’s really bad if they don’t fix that.

    • Well, to be fair, it’s not a 360 cam as far as I know but yes, we are all waiting for 8K something from Insta360, be it 360 or 3D.

  • Thanks for the facts. My main question is = Can it be used on fpv drone on a mount or is depth of view only a couple of meters?

  • Sensor specs seems different (smaller res) vs. the Go 1 which has 2720×2720@25fps
    Instead of the Go 2 with 2560×1440@50fps

  • Hello Mic Ty!
    I really liked insta360 Go and I like it, for its simplicity of using it, at any time I would take the camera and record a clip!
    Now with insta360 Go 2 I can also do the same, but if I want to record in video mode pro, I have to use the box first to change the mode, since it is always in normal video mode. for those like me who like to walk on trails that are often not very easy to walk, before having to put insta360 Go 2 on record, having to change the normal video mode to Video pro!
    I saw by your video presentation of insta360 Go 2 that you know insta360 Go 2 very well.
    I would like you to tell me if I use the machine only without the box and when I click to record a clip can the machine be in video pro mode right away?
    My apologies for the English, I don’t know English and this is done by the google translator.


    António Lucindo

  • I certainly learned the most from your review. I am a newbie to 360 VR production even though I am a certified Comcast producer. Does this Go 2 actually shoot in 360 like the Vuze?

    • Thanks Hugh! Go 2 is effectively a 180-degree camera. The 180 field of view gives it exceptional stabilization, but no it cannot shoot in 360, except hemispherically, if you point it upward.
      Best regards,