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The First Insta360 Legend Awards: and here’s the entry I’m voting for

Insta360 Legend award
Insta360 Legend award

Insta360 is awarding its first Legend Award and you get to choose the winner, who will receive $2,000.  The nominees were all excellent, but to me, there was one nominee that stood out.

Back in September, Insta360 announced the Insta360 Awards, which would reward the best videos and photos submitted to Insta360.  Now they are awarding the first annual Legend Award, which is the grand prize for the year.

Here are the nominees:

Yes I watched all the entries and I thought they were great, but my favorite entry is the “Kiss Me” 360 music video. I’m not into the song, nor even the choreography. But what impressed me about the video was that for me, it exhibited one of the most difficult skills for 360 video, which is to lead the viewer.

As I watched the video, I never got the feeling of wondering where I should look.  And I looked around the video (I didn’t just look forward), but when I did so, it felt natural to do so, not contrived.  I didn’t feel like I was being forced looking around just because it’s a 360 video.  Rather the point of interest was clear and flowed naturally around the video.  I also like how some scenes were synchronized so that people were in the same place in both scenes, making it appear as if the background changed independently.

Here is the video in its entirety:

My second favorite entry was the M02J “glider” (it’s actually jet-powered).  Anime fans will instantly recognize the aircraft as a real-life version of the Princess Nausicaa’s glider from Miyazaki’s Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind.    In that video, the Insta360 ONE was put to good use to capture an ultra wide angle that showed the whole aircraft (with its very long wingspan) and the scene around it, which is difficult on any other type of camera (even a GoPro).

How about you? Which one was your favorite entry and why?  You can vote here.