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Insta360 ONE for Android shipping on December 15

insta360 one android
insta360 one android

Here is a first look at Insta360 ONE for Android!

Insta360 ONE is a 4K hybrid 360 camera that can function either as a smartphone 360 camera or as a standalone 360 camera. It features stabilization, live streaming (with stabilization), bullet time mode, and my favorite feature — Freecapture, which lets you save a 360 video as a full HD video by using your phone as a “camera” to record the cropped video.  See my in-depth Insta360 ONE review here.

Insta360 ONE was released for iPhone but the Android version will soon be shipping around December 15.  The camera itself is actually identical, but the Android version includes an adapter.

The adapter is not just a simple lightning to micro USB adapter.  Rather, the adapter is custom designed to cradle the insta360 ONE and the phone.  According to an Insta360 representative, the Android adapter is compatible with Micro USB and USB Type C.  The price of the Android version is $325, $26 more than the $299 iOS version because it includes the adapter.

Insta360 ONE is the first major smartphone 360 camera to be able to connect to both iOS and Android.  One benefit of this is that if you have both types of devices (for example an Android phone and an iPad), you can use the same camera for both of them.  I’m really looking forward to the Android version (nowadays I use a Samsung S8+) of the Insta360 ONE.  Thank you very much to Eddie Pearce for bringing this to my attention!   Insta360 ONE (iOS version) is available from Gearbest at a Black Friday discount (and hopefully be able to get an adapter separately).

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    • Hi Bill. Yes you can do that. It may even be possible to control the ONE wirelessly via bluetooth. However, you won’t be able to see a live preview, nor can you review the photos or videos. And there are some settings you can’t change such as whether to use raw or bullet time. I think those functions are well worth the extra cost of the adapter.
      Best regards,

  • Oh finally! Now I won’t have to count on my wife’s ios to operate this :D.

    Q: Any luck linking to the standalone adapter purchase? Also if the app is gonna be hitting Google store soon.

    As usual- awesome one stop shop of latest 360 news. Thanks Mic!

    • Thank you very much Ryan! According to the Insta360 people I spoke with, the android adapter will be available to purchase separately but it might not be available right away.

      Best regards,