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Universal Insta360 One R camera case + lens cap fits ANY mod (1-inch, 360, 4K, 3D mod) without smearing your lenses

Universal Insta360 One R camera case for all mods
Universal Insta360 One R camera case for all mods

Here’s a universal camera case for Insta360 One R that doubles as a lens cap AND it fits any mod – even the 1-inch and 3D mods.  Here’s a hands-on review.

One of my petty annoyances with the One R is how the silicone lens cap for the 360 mod seems to smear the lenses, resulting in glare.  I’ve tried washing it with soap but it seems to attract oil, so starts smearing my lenses again in a matter of days.  Fortunately, I found a camera case and lens cap that finally solves the problem.

Universal camera case for Insta360 One R
Universal camera case for Insta360 One R

This universal camera case is cleverly designed to fit any Insta360 One R mod, in any orientation (ok maybe not the aerial edition…).  I’ve tested it with the 360 mod, 4K mod, 1-inch mod, with both the Core’s LCD screen facing front and facing back.  They all fit.  Even the 4K mod and 1-inch mod dive cases will fit, as will the 360 mod with lens guards attached:

Even the 4K dive case or 1-inch dive case will fit
Even the 4K dive case or 1-inch dive case will fit

And I don’t have the 3D mod yet, but it appears to fit it too.   There is a Y-shaped bump at the base that shows it was indeed designed for the 3D mod as well.  You just have to put the camera with the lenses facing toward the hinge.  I’ve tested it with the 1-inch mod in a similar position.

It seems the case will fit the 3D mod as well
It seems the case will fit the 3D mod as well

The only mod with a questionable fit is the vertical edition (360 mod with vertical battery).  It can fit diagonally and the zipper will close fully, but it doesn’t seem as if they had designed it to do that.  For the vertical battery I would probably choose the LowePro case instead.

The One R vertical orientation can fit, albeit awkwardly.
The One R vertical orientation can fit, albeit awkwardly.

Will the case fit an extra battery?  It will fit the quick charger with extra battery attached, but the One R’s tripod attachment will stick out.  And if you use the case as a lens cap, the battery could fall out.

The case can fit a charger and extra battery
The case can fit a charger and extra battery

Besides its amazing versatility, what I also like about the case is that it can be used as a substitute for the lens cap.  With two zippers, I can leave a selfie stick or monopod attached.  And it won’t smear the lenses.

How’s the build quality and the protectiveness?  The build quality is similar to any generic polyurethane camera case.  The case is semi rigid and will offer some impact protection, and is water resistant (but not waterproof).


Because of its incredible versatility, this could be the best camera case I’ve seen for the Insta360 One R.  I only wish it had a separate pocket or compartment for an extra battery and micro fiber cloth, but I can put those in my other bags.  You can get the case here (currently $16).  Thanks for using these affiliate links to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews.  If you’re interested in other Insta360 One R accessories, check out these posts.

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  • Does 360 one R already have the 3D mod. I know it was announced, howerver I am unable to find it in their store.

    • Hi Sorna. Sorry it is not yet released. I saw a prototype at CES but that’s all so far. To be honest, I find the EVO to be a more attractive camera for VR180 (because it’s more convenient and FAR easier to switch between vr180 and 360).

      • Thank you Mic Ty for the response! I agree with your comment about EVO. I just wish it had a replaceable/swappable battery. I have a Qoocam and an insta 360 one x, I will wait for a while for a relatively better jump for vr180.

        Thank you also for all those informative videos and comparisons.

        • Thanks Sorna. The replaceable battery and the touchscreen are two of the One R 3D Edition’s advantages over the EVO. Also, the One R 3D can be used with the 4k mod or 1-inch mod for non-VR 3D. As for a better camera for VR180, I think that would be the Z Cam K1 or K2 but they are an entirely different class in both quality and cost + workflow.
          Best regards,

    • Thanks Manoj. That’s ok, my account doesn’t seem to be working. Anyway, the best way to help is by sharing my posts and videos 😀 Thank you very much!

  • I ordered the one that you link to on Amazon but it’s not the same one in your review. There is definitely no room for anything but the camera (even the mount sticks out of the case).

    • Hi Pat. It appears that it is out of stock. The Amazon item number is B08714S83G but it redirects to that one with a different product code. So I think it’s out of stock. Or sometimes, they change the product links so that affiliate links no longer work. Amazon still gets the benefit of me writing up a detailed review and at the same time they don’t have to pay me any commissions.