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Insta360 One — just $249! Why it’s the best value 360 camera at this price

insta360 one super sale - lowest price ever
insta360 one super sale – lowest price ever

There’s a special sale on Insta360 ONE at Gearbest to celebrate the Lunar New Year!  The Insta360 One is available for $249 here – no coupon needed!

Insta360 One sale
Insta360 One sale

It’s also on sale at Amazon, but at a higher price ($288 at the time of this writing).


Insta360 One sale on Amazon
Insta360 One sale on Amazon

Insta360 ONE (reviewed here) is currently one of the best consumer 360 cameras overall.  In my 360 camera ranking chart, it has a photo rating of 8.8 because of its high resolution, excellent dynamic range (top 2, together with the GoPro Fusion), full manual exposure, and Raw DNG stitching capability.  Its video rating is 8.5 because of the very good detail level, excellent dynamic range, very good stabilization, and manual video exposure controls.  It is tied for video with the Garmin Virb 360 ($799) which has a bit more detail but has less dynamic range, and worse stitching.  The Insta360 One has a usability rating of 8.8 (features and workflow) because of its smooth workflow and many features, including freecapture, live streaming with stabilization, tiny planet live streaming (also with stabilization), bullet time, optional external housing, on top of other features.  The usability rating could have been higher but it has no live preview when in wireless mode.

There’s also an upcoming stabilization update that will improve stabilization even further.  Here is a short demo:

(When the new stabilization is implemented, I expect that its video rating will likely increase.)

Although the GoPro Fusion ($699, reviewed here) has substantially better video (rated a 9), I would say that at this sale price, the Insta360 ONE is probably the best value for 360 cameras right now.

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  • Great concept product but worst customer service. When they launched the Android version I ordered only to receive the type c adapter. No one from Insta360 ever answers a single customer service email. I can’t even pay (again) on their site to get the micro adapter that would work with my phone. While it might be a great product if it doesn’t work as advertised, it’s just junk.

  • Too bad i missed this deal as now it’s going for 269 usd, i was too focus waiting for the mi sphere to have a promo sale via Taobao, but to be honest if the price difference between the 2 is just 50 usd which one would be the better purchase? and sadly can’t find the mi sphere at 200 usd atm