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Insta360 One R dive case unboxing

Insta360 One R dive case unboxing
Insta360 One R dive case unboxing

The Insta360 One R dive case has begun shipping. Here is an unboxing by Brad Downey. I also have one on the way along with the Aerial Edition and other some other accessories for the One R.  Stay tuned.

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  • Hi, I’ve read that the One R can be used underwater without any case up to 5m. Does it work for the 360 module or just the 4K one? What’s the difference between using the dive case or not, just the depth o quality too?

    • Hey there Renzodr86. Yes the 360 mod can also be used underwater without a case. But the stitching will not be so good due to the water’s refraction which increases the effective focal length. Also, the image becomes more blurry when underwater. With the dive case, the video becomes clear, and the 360 mod can stitch smoothly. I just got the 360 mod dive case and am just waiting for an opportunity to test it.

  • BUYER BEWARE: The dive case is required for ANY use in water that is considered rough water – if you do any kind of motorized or non-motorized water sports, or pretty much anything other than perhaps gentle snorkeling you WILL need the dive case, which in the case of the 360 mod, also means purchasing the additional vertical power base. I purchased a brand new one R not aware of this, and the camera died completely after just one windsurfing session. This is NOT a waterproof camera by any means.