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Insta360 One R Night View mode sample, tutorial and analysis

Here is an in-depth look at the Insta360 One R‘s Night View mode by award-winning panoramic photographer Yuqing Guo, with some samples and a tutorial on how to shoot and stitch Night View photos.

Night View / Nightview / Night Shot is a unique feature of the One R that takes a burst of nine photos in Raw + JPG. The first eight shots are at the same exposure, while the ninth shot is underexposed by 4EV to capture highlights. The first eight shots are combined using median stacking to average out the noise, and the stacked photo is fused with the highlights from the ninth shot. The result is a high quality photo with low noise and excellent dynamic range.

This mode is available for any module of the One R including the 360 module, 4K Wide, and 1-inch mod.

Here are timestamps for the video:

00:06 Some Result from this video

03:21 An Overview on Insta360 Night Mode

09:17 Night Mode Explained in depth
14:00 How to use The Unique One R Night Mode
16:38 LIVE DEMO ( Shooting Night Mode with only Camera)
18:50 LIVE DEMO ( Shooting Night Mode with the APP )
20:08 How does Night Mode work? The Science behind explained
25:19 LIVE DEMO (Real World Shooting Behind the scene)
27:17 Shooting Night Mode with APP Benchmark Test
28:06 In APP Synthesizing Benchmark Test on SnapDragon 845 Platform
28:50 LOW Light HandHeld shooting case study
31:50 The workflow of Night Mode in Insta360 Studio 2019
33:19 Synthesizing Benchmark Test in Insta360 Studio 2019
41:30 The Final Result
41:55 Features Summery

43:15 Conclusion and Comments on Night Mode
43:50 What I didn’t Tell you in Chapter 2
46:10 Suggestions on Night Mode
48:50 Features Request on Night Mode
51:01 Suggestions on the workflow
53:12 The Essence of Night Mode and Quantum Physics Basics

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