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Insta360 One R Rear Lens Cap in stock! Hands-on review and why they’re must-haves

Insta360 One R rear lens cap
Insta360 One R rear lens cap

The rear lens cap for the Insta360 One R (reviewed here) is now in stock here.  Here’s a hands-on review and why they’re must-haves for the One R.

The Insta360 One R is a modular 360 camera that enables it to convert from a 360 camera to a 4K camera or a 5K 1-inch sensor camera.   To protect the modules, you can use a silicone rubber cap, which is like the rear lens cap for a DSLR lens.

Rear lens cap for Insta360 One R
Rear lens cap for Insta360 One R

I ordered one back in May from China and they still haven’t arrived.  Fortunately, I found them in stock on Amazon with Prime shipping and I ordered one immediately.

The caps are made of silicone rubber, similar to the one used in the 360 mod lens cap.  They fit the modules exactly and are bidirectional.  Once attached they are hard to shake loose.  However, they can be knocked off the lenses without much effort, so they are by no means a substitute for a camera bag.

Nonetheless, I strongly recommend getting them.  Not only will these caps protect your module connectors, but they can protect your camera too.  The module connectors are metal and a bit sharp and can scratch your camera or other modules.  Imagine getting your 1-inch mod lens scratched by that … ugh.

In the absence of a better alternative, these rear lens caps are must-haves.

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