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Insta360 ONE sample 360 videos and 360 photos

Insta360 ONE sample 360 videos and photos
Insta360 ONE sample 360 videos and photos

Here are official sample 360 videos and photos of the Insta360 ONE (specifications, features and first impressions here) in full resolution.

Here are the official sample 360 videos (it’s a playlist, so you can select the video from the upper left corner):

What do you think of the samples?  Let me know in the comments!

If you want to get Insta360 ONE it’s available from Amazon or B&H Photo.

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  • Hi Mic,

    what your opinion about video and image quality compared to the Mijia Sphere? Images seems to be nice but not really wow yet but those are only samples so it’s difficult to judge.


  • +360Rumors.com I am impressed with this little cam. But I’m not shure it’s so much better than the Xiaomi. A few pixel higher resolution, yes. I downloaded one of the log-video from internet (skating) and … to me it do not look as a true log/flat file…compared to “pro” flat videos it does not look right..I can get the same result by using a video from the Xiaomi and reduce the contrast and change the gamma.
    The stitching lines are terrific and not visible at all if the cam is 3 feet from the closest object, but I get the same amazing result from the Xiaomi PC software (BTW theres a new version on their site that calculate the stabilization).
    Regarding Slo MotionI can shoot in 60fps with the Xiaomi, double it in MPEGStreamclip with faded inbetweens and get quit good slowmo.
    So what’s left isThe Smart tracking wich is a very good feature – and that I can’t do with the Xiaomi.
    But I think I will go for the Yi 360 cam IF it’s got good stabilization as promised.

    • +360Rumors Maby I have to explain what I mean by the Log/Flat video does not look “right” in this Insta360One. It’s very washed out, like if you just took down the level of contrast and color. A real Log profile IMO (OK, there’s a lot of them and it’s different for every cam) have a low but still – in flat mode – kind of dynamic profile. You can easily adjust and get the dynamic range as you want it and it will look very good in the shadows and in the highlights. In this case I feel like it’s a full “poor” dynamic video that is processed immediately and rendered with lower colour and contrast and when you try to get it back it looks like a normal “poor” dynamic video – to dark in the shadows and washed out in the highlights.
      And you just can’t get it right/perfect…
      Did you try to adjust any of the two Flat videos that ‘s uploaded by Insta360 to YouTube yourself?
      If so, what do you think as a professional photographer? I would be very interested in knowing your opinion.
      Do you know if Insta360 made a “true” Log-file for this cam?
      OK, I can be wrong and if so I apologize to the Insta360 crew!!

      • Hi Ulf I don’t think it is possible to use the Youtube flat samples to determine if it’s “real” log. I will try to ask insta for the original file.

        • +Mic Ty agree…(but you can compare it to other youtube videos with equal quality…) it would be great to have the chance to test the originalfile.

  • I have to agree with Ulf, the photo quality is, to my eyes, a little worse than xiaomi. The software is great, the design is great too, but since I’m more interested on the pictures, to me is not enough to justify the extra 100$. The only feature that makes me doubt is the raw output, but I’m hoping that xiaomi, or the community, like the yi, brings it to the Mijia.
    I’ll wait and see.

  • Not too keen on the photos. Almost seem like frame grabs from a 360 video. ( I know that they’re not.)

    Some neat features for sure. But I’ll wait a while for the Yi 360 and Theta 4K before making a buying decision.

    • Hi Alex. Yes there seems to be a lot of noise, and I believe it’s because the photos were converted from raw with minimal edits. Normally, the JPG conversion in 360 cameras already includes at least some noise reduction, as well as sharpening, so it’s not fair to compare these images against JPG output from other 360 cameras. It’s better to process these to look their best, and then compare that against the jpg from another camera (also modified to look its best). Alternatively, you can compare SOOC JPG from the ONE to the SOOC JPG from another cam.
      Best regards,

  • Thank you for publishing the samples. I was on my way to purchase one. The pictures is almost as blurry as from my samsung 360 gear.

    Gonna wait for a 360 camera that takes sharp photos.