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Insta360 ONE waterproof case unboxing video

Insta360 ONE waterproof case
Insta360 ONE waterproof case

Etienne Leroy of V360 got a preproduction version of the waterproof case for the Insta360 ONE and shared this unboxing video. Check it out.

Insta360 ONE is Insta360’s newest camera, with 4K video, 24mp photo resolution and a host of features, including FreeCapture.  One of its other features is that it can shoot underwater with the help of a dedicated underwater housing.  The housing has a button that enables the Insta360 ONE to be operated underwater, either for photos, videos, or special functions such as self-timer or time lapse.

Etienne hasn’t tested it out yet underwater, nor has Insta360 posted an underwater sample yet, so I still don’t know the underwater stitching quality.  Based on the shape of the case, I am speculating that the stitching will be similar to Elecam 360 underwater (i.e., refraction will be an issue), but with optical optical flow stitching.  We’ll see.

Thanks again to Etienne of V360 for sharing this.  BTW you may want to check out V360, a free 360 video editing app for iOS and Android.

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