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Insta360 ONE waterproof housing case shipping mid-October

Insta360 ONE waterproof case
Insta360 ONE waterproof case

Insta360 posted a photo of the waterproof housing for the new Insta360 ONE 360 camera (reviewed here).  It looks like one of those cases that can go to 10 meters deep (30 feet), possibly more.  It’s not clearly shown, but the case will allow you to press the button on the Insta360 ONE, so you will be able to take photos (single click), videos (double-click), or use special functions such as interval capture (triple-click).

Insta360 ONE waterproof case
Insta360 ONE waterproof case

According to their VP, the waterproof case will be available on Insta360.com mid-October.  I don’t have sample underwater photos or videos yet.

The big concern will of course be refraction.  Most 360 cameras that can shoot underwater (with or without a case) do not take underwater refraction into account, so they have problems stitching photos or videos underwater.  Looking at how the case conforms to the lens, it looks similar to underwater cases for other 360 cameras such as the MGCool / Elecam 360 (see this underwater video).  Hopefully, with Insta360’s optical flow stitching, it will have better stitching.

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  • A part of me thinks the Insta360 One could make a great alternative to hula cams. My biggest concern is letting a stranger swing the camera around without a case! I hope this or another case might provide some protection.