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Insta360 One X Cold Weather Battery review

When shooting video in snow or cold weather, one challenge is that battery life is drastically shortened in the cold.  You may find that a battery than normally lasts 30 minutes or an hour suddenly gets drained in just 5 minutes.   Insta360 One X (reviewed here) is one of the few 360 cameras that has a battery that is optimized for cold weather.  Here’s a test of the Insta360 One X cold weather battery, by my friend Scojo in 360.

Test #1: Continuous Recording in the Venture Case

Result: on continuous recording in 35-degree Fahrenheit weather, Scojo was able to record as much as 55 minutes with the Cold Weather Battery.

Test #2: continuous recording with exposed camera (no case)

This was Scojo’s first test of the Cold Weather Battery.  Scojo will have more tests of the battery coming up.  Check out his YouTube channel.

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