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Insta360 One X Drifter back in stock! Accessory for slow motion Drift Shots

Insta360 One X drifter in stock - Where to buy
Insta360 One X drifter in stock – Where to buy

The Drifter accessory for Insta360 One X is back in stock.  I ordered one and will post a review.

The Drifter is a unique accessory that enables you to throw the One X to capture a Drift Shot:

The Drift Shot is made possible by the One X’s slow motion capability (it can shoot at 4K 100fps) and the design of the Drifter accessory, which has wings that protrude to protect the One X’s lenses.  However, the Drifter cannot protect the One X from protrusions such as rocks, so using the Drifter has some risk.

If you don’t have an Insta360 One X yet, you can save on shipping costs by ordering the drifter together with your One X.

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