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Here’s the Insta360 One X Venture Case v 2.0

Insta360 One X Venture Case old vs new
Insta360 One X Venture Case old vs new

Here’s a look at the new Venture Case for the Insta360 One X (reviewed here).

The Insta360 One X is currently the most popular 360 camera on the market in terms of sales volume, but one if its few weaknesses is that it doesn’t have a rugged case.   Fortunately, that’s about to change.

Actually, Insta360 One X had a Venture Case, a polycarbonate case that could protect the One X.  It was also originally intended to be waterproof.  However, it turned out that the Case could leak under some circumstances, and so Insta360 pulled it off the shelves and quietly worked on a new version of the Venture Case for several months, weathering criticism from some users who complained about the lack of a case.

The new Insta360 One X Venture Case
The new Insta360 One X Venture Case

Now the new case is here.  It appears similar to the original Venture Case, but there is an additional frame around it.   According to resellers, it is supposed be waterproof to a depth of 5 meters, although Insta360 hasn’t said anything yet officially.  As with the original, the new Venture Case will appear invisible in your photos and videos, even with the new frame. You simply have to check the box for Venture Case stitching, either in your phone app, the Insta360 Studio 2019 app, or Adobe Premiere.

The new Venture Case is currently being offered on Aliexpress, but get that at your own risk.  There’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a genuine product, or a counterfeit, or a reject from the factory.  And if the case you got from a 3rd party leaks and ruins your camera, I doubt Insta360 would do anything about that.  So I would suggest waiting a couple of weeks to get it directly from Insta360.  (No I don’t get commissions on accessories from Insta360, so that has nothing to do with it.)

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  • Great info Mic. What quick research I just did shows an arrival date of mid June. That will make 7 months of ‘coming soon’ for this case. It has really bummed me. I still haven’t used my ONE X since I got it in November. Off topic, thanks for the update about the Best Buy $299 deal on the Fusion. I picked one up. I am still waiting on some of the free accessories to arrive tomorrow. Great deal with the dual charger and 2 batteries plus the whole Fusion kit for a total of $318.

  • Thanks Mic.
    How much this kind of cases degrade image quality and audio, in your opinion?
    I wonder if it’s better to use a silicone case with removable lens cap.
    This is surely less protective when shooting, but image/video quality keep unchanged.

  • Thanks. If you can do an update when someone besides aliiexpress has them that would be great. Thanks again for the info and glad I am subscribed to get this info. So yeah any update will alert me via email.

  • i managed to get one thru a reseller last night and finally i can start using the one X. But even the reseller was out of stock. Even aliexpress is out of stock.
    The only ones who got version 2 are people who applied for a free exchange of their version 1 and insta360 guys sent them these venture 2.0 cases.
    For the rest Pete is correct, the cases will arrive by mid-june.

  • “but one of its few weaknesses is that it doesn’t have a rugged case. Fortunately, that’s about to change.”

    Maybe it’s about to change for bloggers and YouTubers 😂
    Those are the only people I’ve seen actually get their hands on any accessories for this camera since its release. The average customer however, will no doubt be left in the cold after the stock of 20 venture cases they make available for 8 hours every 6 months is immediately sold out 🙄

    • TeflonJon- BEAUTIFULLY PUT!!! I just can’t understand why it has taken so incredibly long to get the accessories to the masses. That is exactly how it feels, they make a few and they sell out really quickly. I have emailed them repeatedly about how disappointed I am in all of this. I have been waiting for a bunch of accessories to become available since mid November and I am wondering if by this November, I’ll still be waiting. I have a Nano, (2) ONE cameras, and the ONE X. I am an explosively growing fan of their products and I am being heavily let down. It has been awful reading the words ‘coming soon’ for over 6 months now. B&H Photo recently listed the Venture case as ‘discontinued’. They have now gone back to saying you can preorder it. I check B&H, Adorama, and the Insta360 site several times a week and nothing ever changes. It has been disheartening and exhausting.

      • I just received my venture case this week. Tried it out today. There is a black ring in the shot from the grey ring around the lens of the venture case. Is this normal? Did I forget something.

  • Just tried out my venture case V.2 today on a mountain bike ride. There is a black ring showing in the shot. The black ring appears to be the grey rubber seal of the case that surrounds the Insta 360 lens. Whats going on? Am I missing something? Do you edit this out some how?

    • Hi Sideup. In the Insta360 one x app or insta360 studio desktop app, you need to toggle the option for venture case

  • It’s great to see they have worked on the case but


    I search the web from time to time about the availability from different places but even on their own webpage, they tell nothing about a stock at all. And I am not willing to order from their store because they take 15€ of P&P for Germany.
    Most shops push availability from month to month forward without more information. And now there seems to be a Chinese clone upcoming and making price updates unpredictable.