Insta360 posts new teaser trailer for its next camera

Insta360 posted a new teaser trailer for the next Insta360 camera, which appears to have been shot with a drone. Here’s the video:

This is the third teaser video for their next camera, and the second video that alludes to their camera’s purported ‘drone’ capabilities.

In their first teaser video, Insta360 hinted that its next camera is supposed to combine the capabilities of a 360 camera, an action camera, a drone, and a 1-inch sensor camera.  The second video appeared to show an aerial video as well but there was some doubt about whether it was taken with a drone.  This third video appears to leave no doubt that the video was shot with a drone with 360 capabilities.

The next Insta360 camera will be revealed on January 7, 2020 at CES.  I will post my first impressions and will be there at CES.

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  • Very nice! To me it seems clear that this kind of stuff is only possible to shoot if the drone has two “separate” 180 lenses/cams: one at the top & one at the bottom – and the drone vanishes when stiched.
    I remeber thinking this solution back in 2015, when I ordered my first DJI drone (Phantom 3 Pro) and the Panono camera. (My tests to attach them together and fly & shoot did not end so well….not stable enough….LOL)

  • Found a realease posting that was soon removed.. It will be three modules:

    1: 4K Wide Angle, F2.0, 4K
    2. Dual Lens 360, F2.8, 6K
    3. 1’ Wide Angle, F3.2, 4/5K

    Photo and video resolution varies with module.

    Screen can be mounted both ways, like selfie mode.

    Battery adapter can be changed, believe also bigger version.

    GoPro size, fits GoPro accessories.

    IPX8.16 feet water out of the box, 60 m with case.

    USB-C allows for external mic.

    Voice activation.

    LOG, HDR, H264 and H265 recording.

    Tripod mount, drone mount (Mavic).

    • Maybe they’ll add a VR180 mod? I hope so. But, at 6K, it’s not going to give much of an improvement over 5.7K (might even actually *be* 5.7K) unless those 1” sensors can be used in 180 mode to get better low-light. That would be awesome, but I’m not holding my breath.