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Insta360 Pro features identical batch stitching for composite 360 photos and time lapses

a composite 360 photo in 3D, shot on Insta360 Pro (click to see the actual 360 photo)
a composite 360 photo in 3D, shot on Insta360 Pro (click to see the actual 360 photo)

If you want to create a time lapse or a composite 360 photo, the photos need to match each other.  If the 360 photos don’t align perfectly, then there will be mismatches that will be tedious to fix in postprocessing.  Insta360 Pro has a unique feature that can use identical stitching for a batch of photos to facilitate composites and time lapses.  Here are some samples.

Insta360 Pro (reviewed here) is known for its video capability — it can capture 8K 360 video or 6K 3D 360 video with high quality.  However, it is also an excellent camera for 360 photos.  It is my go-to camera for shooting 3D 360.  It also has cutting edge features such as Adobe DNG raw shooting and stitching (i.e., it can stitch photos in DNG format, in 2D or 3D).

Another unique feature for photos is identical batch stitching.  Normally, with optical flow stitching, each photo (or video frame) will be stitched differently.  In videos, this can result in a “halo” around subjects who cross the stitch line.  For photos, this is not usually noticeable unless you are creating a time lapse or a composite photo (e.g. to clone out a subject, or to make clones of a single subject).  With identical batch stitching, Insta360 Pro can batch stitch a group of photos and ensure that they are all stitched identically, even with optical flow stitching.

Here are a couple of examples.  This one is by 5mars:

Here is another composite in 3D 360, by John Holt.  FYI, this photo is on Gala360, the first app to support 3D 360 photo sharing.  To see it in 3D, you need to use your smartphone to click on the photo, which will open a page on your browser.  You then tap on the Google Cardboard icon on the bottom right, turn the display sideways, and insert the phone into a cardboard viewer.

3D 360 composite (click to see the actual 360 photo)
3D 360 composite (click to see the actual 360 photo)

This kind of photo would have been very difficult to create on anything but the Insta360 Pro, because it is in 3D 360 and uses the Insta360 Pro’s identical batch stitching feature.   These examples demonstrate how well the Insta360 Pro works for 360 photos not just videos.   Thank you very much to John Holt for bringing this to my attention!  If you are interested in getting the Insta360 Pro, please email me so I can provide you with a special discount code for 360 Rumors readers.  Alternatively, you can purchase from Amazon or B&H Photo.

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