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Insta360 Pro live stream demo in 4K 360 video

Insta360 demonstrated a 4K live stream from the Insta360 Pro, one of the hottest new cameras for 360 video professionals.  Check out the live stream video!

Insta360 Pro is a professional 360 camera that can capture up to 8K 360 video in 2D, 6K 360 video in 3D, or 4K video live streaming (in 2D or 3D).  It is also the only professional 360 camera with realtime image stabilization (see demo here).  Whereas professional 360 cameras are generally priced in the 5-digit range, the Insta360 Pro is only $3,499, within the range of independent filmmakers and even prosumers.

Now here is the live stream video from the Insta360 Pro in 4K 360, posted on YouTube.

Insta360 had to reduce the bitrate to 6mbps due to the slow internet connection at their office.  However, the sample still looks impressively detailed.  The stitching also looks quite smooth, which is impressive considering that the stitching is template-based.

Based on these samples, and previous samples I’ve viewed (see here), I believe the Insta360 Pro will become one of the most popular 360 cameras for professionals, possibly overtaking the GoPro Omni, which can also capture 8K 360 video but has no realtime stitching, 3D capability, live streaming, or realtime image stabilization, and costs significantly more at $4,999.

The Insta360 Pro is available for preorder at B&H Photo (free shipping; shipping May 18) or directly from Insta360 (shipping mid-May).

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