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Insta360 Pro now compatible with both iOS and Android

Insta360 Pro app now on both iOS and Android
Insta360 Pro app now on both iOS and Android

Insta360 has released an Android version of the Insta360 Pro app, making it possible to control the Insta360 Pro with the app on either iOS or Android.

Insta360 Pro is a professional 360 camera that captures 8K 360 video or 6K 3D 360 video. It can also live stream in 4K, in 2D or 3D 360.  Check out my review here. Apart from its features and image quality, what is perhaps most remarkable about it is how incredibly easy it is to use.  It is the first professional 360 camera with the power of a 360 camera rig but is literally as easy to use as a consumer 360 camera.

Tutorial on how to use Insta360 Pro
Tutorial on how to use Insta360 Pro

One of the ways that Insta360 Pro is easy to use is that it can be controlled wirelessly with a smartphone app.  The Insta360 Pro has a built-in Wi-Fi antenna that allows it to be controlled either through a direct Wi-Fi connection between the Insta360 Pro and the smartphone, or through a wireless LAN, with both the Insta360 Pro and your smartphone connected to the same network (which can be connected wirelessly or via Ethernet).  This latter method makes it possible to connect over longer distances and with greater reliability.

One limitation is that when the Insta360 Pro  was released, its app was compatible only with iOS.  However, Insta360 has now released an Android version of the app, available through the Google Play store.

The Android version of the app is almost identical to the iOS version.  However, as of version 0.8.2 of the Android version, it doesn’t have the image review feature of the iOS app (which allows you to review photos and even videos, fully stitched, in 2D or 3D, albeit at a lower resolution and for videos, a much lower framerate).  Insta360 will add that review feature in a future update to the Android app.  In the meantime, other functions are available such as live preview, shooting in raw DNG format (which can be stitched on a desktop, also in DNG format), and 4K live streaming with concurrent realtime stitching (yes you can also record unstitched videos for subsequent stitching on the desktop).

Notwithstanding the limitations of the Android app, this is awesome for Insta360 Pro’s current and potential users.  The Insta360 Pro remains heavily backordered due to its popularity.  If you’d like to order one, I can help you get an exclusive discount for 360 Rumors readers — just send me a message via Facebook.com/360rumors or through the contact form here (please mention Insta360 Pro in the subject line)!

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